Tuesday, January 20, 2009

back to reality

 I was lucky enough to spend all of MLK weekend in warm, sunny Fl. Well actually it wasn't that warm....But for somebody who is coming from minus 20, a balmy 60 degrees is like a heat wave. The entire weekend was a blast of course because I got to spend the whole thing with my wonderful husband scott :)

We spend half of saturday at UWF doing a run-swim workout that included 400s, pull-ups, and 100 repeats in the pool.  Although it was a hard workout we definitely had a blast together pushing each other along the way. Sunday was an easy-long recover run and Monday was a cross fit- run/ab workout. 

And now I'm back in Pittsburgh and back to reality: the cold and PT school. Blah.... This morning definitely posed a challenge for me getting out of bed. Given Pensacola is on the panhandle, there is always that annoying one hour time change. Who ever knew part of Fl was in  a different time zone? 

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