Friday, December 03, 2010

Tentative 2011 Race Schedule

This is what I've came up with thus far for 2011...


Mardi Gras Half Marathon 2/13



New Orleans 70.3 4/17


Crawfish Man Tri (sprint) 5/1

New Orleans 5150 (OLY) 5/15


Grandman Triathlon (sprint) 6/4




Hy-vee Triathlon 5150 9/4 (OLY) (pending qualification)

Alabama Coastal Triathlon 9/10 (OLY)-(if no qualification)?

Augusta 70.3 9/25


Santa Rosa Triathlon (sprint)?

I really want to add another 70.3 to the mix either mid-summer or fall. Syracuse or maybe Rhode Island? Anybody do either of these races or have any other suggestions?

Happy weekend!


  1. Yeah!! Excited to see you and your hood in April! :) I did Rhode Island this year and it was awesome - very, very pretty. It's point to point so logistically a little challenging but if you plan for it, it's fine. I recommend it!

  2. Awesome race schedule.


    Love it!

  3. Nothing in March? Come to Florida, stay with the fam and do the Gator half iron in Sarasota with me in mid march. So far, great schedule.

  4. What no Xterra races ;)?

    I did Rhode Island 70.3 last year and have mixed reviews on it. The finish line was really nice and the run was nice. Some parts of the bike course were really pretty, but the point to point was logistically a pain. The last 5-10 miles of the bike was very potholey and was through a not so nice neighborhood. I'm not sure I would do it again, but then again, I probably won't do any 70.3's again in the near future or at all, so that may not really mean much...

  5. What? No Gulf Coast? :) But 'Crawfish Man' sounds much cooler. Yeah Augusta! I'm pretty sure that Carla and I are heading over for that party again!!

  6. get on the Vineman half IM waiting list!

    Maggs (& possibly I) am doin' it!!;-)

    you can crash with us here in Cali...

  7. Vancouver Half in July!! :D

  8. Sounds like a good race schedule to me. I haven't done Rhode Island or Syracuse 70.3s but I would say go with Syracuse... it's so pretty out there!

  9. I did Syracuse last year. It was my first 70.3 and I loved it. Pro: the bike was beautiful and hilly. Con: the run went along an industrial highway and was kind of ugly. I've heard fantastic things about Amica as well!

  10. I also did Syracuse 70.3 this year. Originally from WNY but training in Boulder It was going to be a "local" race for me. The weather was surprisingly moderate and the water was warm. On a sunny day (which is rare for that time of year) the bike course would fool you into thinking you were in the wine country of Napa with its beautiful (and challenging) rolling hills, farmland, fall leaves, and wineries. The run isnt unlike any of the other point to point courses, except its mainly downhill which you will welcome with open arms after such a tough ride. I'd reccommend this race for a challenge but not for a PR. My blog has a recap if, and if you want more details let me know.

  11. well Mr. Austin those aren't REAL races hahahah.... but they will probably be way more fun

  12. FUN schedule for sure! Come to the midwest! Well, not in the winter! is was 7F degrees. Lame. Hope you are enjoying your R&R!

  13. I found your blog while searching for New Orleans 70.3 reviews. Great race report! You had an awesome bike split especially with a crash! My husband and I did Augusta this year because our training friends swear by it, but it was overall not a great race. Here's to New Orleans 2011!

  14. I will see you at Augusta. My wife and I will be doing that 70.3 race. Best of luck