Monday, August 09, 2010

Riding S-O-L-O

I've said this before and I'll say it again: nobody can replace my old Pennsylvania training chicas!
I miss them so---

(especially now that I'm over my head in Ironman training)

I've tried to branch out in the Big Easy, but I've found it hard when you are going

...... x-intensity

....... at y-heart rate z-distance.

According to coaches orders of course!

Kim, Jocelyn, Jen, and I always just seemed to jive when it came to workouts. We pushed each other but were never overly competitive to the point that it was a detrimental to the goal of the work out. It was a very healthy, comfortable relationship. And given Jocelyn just qualified for Kona, I think we must have been doing something right :) For some reason everyone I've met in Nola, is like "it's Hammer time!!!!! Not exactly the smartest way to train in my book.

Therefore most of my workouts thus far have been S-O-L-O. Reminds me of that silly Jason Derulo song that just came out. Good i-pod song by the way :)

Despite some failed attempts at finding training partners, I made progress last week in finding a track running group at Tulane. I coordinated my speed running days to make it work. I met plenty of fast and fun girls. Very, very glad I went!

I'm starting to get to the point where I need to social aspect to keep me motivated. Definitely makes the workout something to look forward to.

What about you? Do you ride S-O-L-O or make it social?


  1. ugh. I hear you. that's a tough thing. since I started IM training I do a lot of solo riding otherwise its so hard to stick to what you need to do on that day and what your body needs. I decided I needed to get out of the group mentality and get used to struggling against the wind myself so that I could mentally withstand the IM bike. lots of music and me time but I've come to enjoy it. The past year or so there's a group of girls that I will meet up with at times and thats fun too. sometimes you need the social aspect but in a non-competitive group. I hate group rides that have to be a road race with lots of attacking when the intention is for it to be a social ride.
    anyhow, glad you are finding fast girlies at the track and I'm sure there are lots of triathletes to meet in your area and some riding buddies to find. hang in there girl :) oh, and I laughed so hard at your comment. I don't know why but "hoo-ha cracks me up!!"

  2. Most of my long rides are solo now. I'm doing intervals based on my power. Sometimes I can combine with others who just want to do x # of hours and will go along with my plan. I'm on the 'easy' group training plan, only doing the easy stuff with others, unless someone wants to do my training plan with me.

  3. I am always training alone because I can't find anyone to train with me around here. Actually, most everyone shakes their heads and says I am crazy.

  4. I've always done my rides solo...but I'm a bit new on the HIM training front. I would miss your old bike training chicas too. sounds like it was a good thing;-)

  5. I just finished my first 70.3 and I trained for everything pretty much solo. I would do some long runs with my mom, a few masters workouts, about 3 group rides and that's it. All me. And I will never do that again. It was too hard, I needed someone to help me along when it got rough and I needed someone to tell me what to do!

    I recently found a triathlon club in my area and went to my first worokout last Friday. It was AMAZING! I'll be going to my first group track workout tomorrow! These are all free workouts and I will officially join in January when I have some extra cash and the new season starts!

    Watch out 2011, here I come!!

  6. Hope you find some training partners soon!! That's always hard. I do most of my riding by myself but I hear you on how riding with others keeps you motivated! It's no wonder I like swimming so much - masters practice with others is the best!

  7. I've been donig my long rides with a few roadies - which I enjoy. They push me, but in a good way. Plus, the places that we ride (umm..creppy norhthern florida) I would not want to ride alone. But other then that, I've been rocking out solo, which I've come to really enjoy. Just throw my iphone rocking out Pandora's radio in my bento box and take off. But I know mentally, I'm going to have to do some long rides solo - the roadies won't be with me for IMFL.

    I'm so pumped for:
    1) Sandestin Tri
    2) Labor Day Weekend! I talked to my coach and told him that you might be in the area and want to do some training with me, so it should be fun!

  8. I know Jen misses you too Heidi. Oh and I think Luis and Mark have a monopoly over athletes in the Pittsburgh region! But then again, their training works. Maybe Luis has other athletes in the N.O. area and he can hook you up w/ somebody? Never hurts to ask.

    Please let us know when you come back to PA to visit. Talk soon.


  9. I totally love the social aspect of my workouts but I do most of my workouts alone. Only because of time constraints and committments that my friends and I have. However, when we do get to workout together I enjoy every minute of it.

    I hope you find a new group soon that works for you. I am sure you will but it does take time.

  10. I hope you are able to find some new training partners! I would actually love to have training partners, but it's almost impossible with my schedule. So, I do everything by myself. Sometimes it gets lonely, but it's what I have to do, and it is what it is.

  11. During the IM training I mostly ride solo but once the race season is out of the way, usually it is group time. I just can't do my proper IM training with other people (unless Shaun is around of course).

  12. Hey! I am so glad your training is going well and you are working with MAO! super!!! It is hard to find new training partners...and like most, said, I even train by myself a ton too b/c we usually have specific instructions - so that is ok! Happy and safe training! :)

  13. So I don't know you, but I just happened to come across your blog this morning and it is great! I feel for you as a sometimes SOLO rider in Jersey. Anyway, my brother lives NOLA so I thought I would ask if he new anyone he knew that is training for an ironman :)

    Here are some message he got back on twitter (I would check out #2):

    1. Peggy does a lot of team-in-training stuff and in general connecting w/training groups:

    2. yes, I'm very much into it and there's a big tri community in nola. Have her email me at - this dude also owns Cork & Bottle / Clever Wine Bar, so he'd be a fun person for you to get to know, anyway. @nolawineguy on twitter

    3. Someone said to check out the Women's Rugby Team - they have a lot of bikers and triathletes on it.

    Enjoy my favorite city!! Cheers

  14. BTW = that wine guy is training for Austin 70.3 and Ironman Florida - (I think that is what you were doing?) Also - will be in town for the Rock and Roll Marathon - planning on venturing into a whole...:) Good luck!!