Tuesday, September 03, 2013


Over the past weekend I headed west to the Gulf of Mexico in search of white sands, blue water, and sunny skies to celebrate my 8th anniversary, spend time with friends, and to race a little sprint triathlon of course. Thankfully my husband and friends were there, because the pristine blue water, sunshine, and gorgeous beaches were definitely missing!

The race was went ahhh ...so ....so?? I won't waste your time with silly details except for that it hurt really bad, the swim felt like swimming through hell plus nasty seaweed, and that I need work in all 3 disciplines before Rev3SC/FL and Miami 70.3.  Who wants to read another triathlete type bragging about themselves :) ? I sure don't...

Anyway I was super stoked to be in Destin to meet up with my long lost New Orleans friends and my training BFF's Chloe and Mary. I love these girls! These are the people that always remind me why I continue to be such a big fan of this sport....

The weekend extravaganza also included dinner at the best place in Grayton Beach (Red Bar), paddle boarding with friends, shopping of course, way too many pina coladas, and ended with scott kicking my butt on the beach via lunges, push-ups, and sprints.

Although conditions didn't turn out as planned, the people were what made it a great weekend. Until next year....I love these little race-cations! Do you have an annual race-cation? Do you focus more on the race or the after party?


  1. " Who wants to read another triathlete type bragging about themselves :) ? I sure don't..."

    shhhhhhhh. ;) HAHAHA.

  2. That looks like such a fun time! I have been CRAVING some time in Destin today. argh, want to go back....