Tuesday, April 19, 2011

N.O. 70.3 2011 RR

When I first moved to New Orleans and saw the abbreviation NO on various street signs - I thought it literally meant the word no. After a few days I eventually figured out that it really was the abbreviation for New Orleans.

Anyway given how the race played out, I found it even more appropriate to title this race report: "NO 70.3". As most of you already know this weekends race definitely wasn't a 70.3- it was only a 69.1

The swim was cancelled because of the rough waters below:

With the swim cancellation, the race officials opted for TT bike start. Even more fun! I wasn't thinking and ended up in the very last pair to leave for my age group. I initially thought they were going via numerical order but that never happened. Regardless, I miraculously did a flying mount past the dismount line and passed a few girls right from the start.

Given the circumstances and knowing the course, I knew things were going to be dicey out there. Negative energy seemed to thicken the air: drafting was everywhere I look
ed, the cross wind was my worst nightmare, and the 30-34 age group girls were just plain MEAN! My race goals were quickly thrown out the window. My new goal was to survive this course.

Eventually the crowds thinned, the drafting ceased, and the wind shifted a little. Despite the bad energy, my nutrition was spot on. I had 3 bottles of Infinite and 3 Gu's. Heading back to transition, I was feeling good.

Goal time: 2:38
Actual 2:40
Bike pace 20.9

I grabbed a Gu in transition and was off to the run. I knew I had to make
up some time here if I wanted to be top 10 in my AG. I started off running comfortably in my heart rate zone around a 7:22 pace. I was passing lots of people. After the first mile or so, I started getting some foot numbness bilaterally. Grrrrrrr~stupid Yankz shoelaces were too tight. Too LATE now.....

I stayed around 7-min pace until mile 7 and then dropped to 8s for miles 8-9 and then to the 9s for miles 9-13. You can do the math as to how I felt during those miles.

Goal: 1:38-1:41
Actual 1:50:22

Final AG: 17th in a stacked field of fast ladies
Final time: 4:33:30

For some reason, I just can NOT get the run together in the 70.3+ distance. Although I'm stoked to have dropped 6 minutes from my bike time last year and 20 minutes from my run time, something still isn't right. Luckily, I've enlisted some help from a new coach to fix this in the future :)

Regardless of what happened on race day, this weekend I made some great new friends and caught up with some old ones. Just to name a few Marni, Karel, Flex's new friend Campy, Barb, Tamra, Michele and her hubby.
And of course can't forget my house guest Kim :)
Cheers to getting the first race of the season done and to many new friendships! I think that is what makes the sport worth it! Thank you for your cheers and support :) Great job to all who raced-


  1. Wow - big PRs from last year!! :) Great job Heidi - that run will come together and it will be worth the wait! :)

  2. Good job on your race! I'm sorry your run didn't turn out like you had hoped, but considering that the swim was canceled and other crazy things were happening, I think you did awesome!!

  3. Great job! Even if it wasn't quite what you wanted, you learn something with each race. This will simply help you do even better on the next.

  4. I was so bummed when I heard the swim was called off. The way the winds have been here lately, the open water has been pretty rough too.
    Despite the negative energy going on, you did really well.
    You, me and Chloe need to get a game plan for the IMFL summer camp so Scott and I are ready come race day. I'm definitely in so we'll all have to coordinate a good time for all of us to make it a killer weekend in PCB.

  5. I can't believe they were drafting. That makes me angry and I wasn't even racing!

    Congrats on a great race girl! You are incredible. I love your awesome race kit!

  6. Hi there!

    Nice photos and great race. You smoked the bike! dang

    and yah, your AG was stacked if your time gave you 17th?? That should be more like a top 5!

  7. Great job Heidi - love seeing the PR!

    What a crazy day with the swim canceled - probably would have thrown me for a loop. And why do women have to be so mean? I'm glad you passed a lot of them! :)

  8. Great job Heidi!! With your awesome new coach I think that run will definitely come together for you this year :) So much fun meeting you!!!

  9. Congrats on the big PR's! You'll figure it out eventually if you keep at it.

  10. Great job! I struggle with the run during the 70.3 too. I'm hoping to remedy that this season.

  11. way to go girl! Way to make due. Make sure you give us a heads up on the changes your run makes!!

  12. Um.. can I just say.. I LOVE your wristband. Man, you look like a bad ass.. I think I have to get one too! You had one heck of a day, good thing you're going to break ALL those records again this season :) MISS YA!

  13. Nice job! Love, love, love the race kit! :)

  14. Great job out there and what turned into quite a random race without the swim! Thanks to you and your hubs for showing us pics... crazy if you ask me!

    I'm in the same boat as you, trying to figure out that 13.1-mile run off the bike. Just hard work and we'll get there!

  15. Congratulations! The time trial sounds so fun, I am going to try to do a couple this year....the run will get there:)

  16. Nice bike time. I agree with amgoalsfor the week, that time deserves better ranking.. It must be hard to get your head around a swim that's cancelled.

  17. Quite the race to start the season off with!!

  18. Killer PR's! Specially with the crazy ass start. Mentally I would have been totally thorwn off. Welcome to the age group of mean girls ;)

    Gulf coast?