Sunday, June 09, 2013

BFAST #1 and #2 Combo RR

Yes...still slacking on the blog thing. Consequently, I have 2 race reports to write. On May 18th I did my first Tri of the year: the BFAST sprint in Mayport. Not being in the best of shape, expectations were set low. Either way I was happy to be out there at the beach AND racing. Who wouldn't be happy to race in this paradise?


Race #1: Minus a 30 minute late start, the race overall went pretty well. I went out hard knowing that red-lining would be key to being successful. The swim was uneventful and a little chilly. After exiting the water, I learned I was in 4th place OA. I picked off a girl and transition and was off on the bike. The bike was a 2 loop course around the Mayport Naval Base with lots of tight turns. I picked off another girl on the bike and quickly moved into 2nd. My heart rate was a little higher than I would have wanted but they call it a sprint for a reason! Towards the end of the bike another girl flew passed me. I wasn't about to even try to hang given my current state or lack of bike fitness.

 As I entered transition, I could see the 2 girls in front of me starting the run. I went out hard but not hard enough to catch them. I ended up 3rd overall which later turned into 2nd after some penalties were added. Still 3rd to me.... Despite my lack of confidence, I was happy with a 3rd OA finish to start 2013 tri racing:)

Race #2: (this past weekend) This race was the same exact course as race #1 and part dos of the series. 2nd Round I told myself I'm in much better shape than round 1! Although I'm usually super excited to race, I found myself in a huge mental funk the night before and just feeling very "over" doing this race.  Very strange for me.... To make matters worse, I was having technical difficulties fixing a rear flat tire. With a combination of starting-a-new job stress and inability to fix my tire, I started to convince myself that I wasn't going to go. I think part of it was not having my husband here to help me with my technical difficulties... Hello damsel in distress.

I woke up the next day, put my girl pants on, and showed up to race. Round 2 went very similar to round 1 with the same 2 other girls. This time we duked it out and all finished within a minute of each other. Minus the swim which was double the distance advertised, I dropped over 3 minutes from Round 1. Now if I could just drop my transition times, I might have a chance to make up that minute.... Either way it was fun hanging out with and meeting these fast ladies :)

And ultimately, I'm happy I snapped out of my mental funk. That was a first for me. Has this happened to you before? Did you still race?


  1. Congrats on the double face-off! Sounds like you made a nice improvement from #1 to #2.

    Keep it up!

  2. Congrats on two great races....and snapping the funk!

  3. Love to see you back out there racing!!