Sunday, November 11, 2012

Florida Race Report

I was pretty ambitious heading into IMFL with a goal time of breaking that 11 hr barrier. With my current training and new coach, I thought it was realistic and achievable. Although I didn't reach my goal, I did shave off a solid half hr from my previous IM PR.

The race went something like this...

I spent pre-race finally meeting up with my teammate Kristin. I did the usual bag drop off, porta-potty lines, and kissed my loved ones good bye.
Goal time: 1:00-1:05
The waves were definitely a little kicked up on race day. I went out hard per coaches orders. The first loop was the usual brawl. With the chop and battle with the other swimmers,  I chilled out on the second loop and coasted in. Knowing how long of a day it would be, I felt like a was red-lining a little early.

First loop:31:27
Second loop:35:15
Actual: 1:06:42 (The chilling "out" clearly reflected in my second loop. *oops way slow)

With a history of having excessive transition times in 140.6 distance races, I made a solid effort to keep T- times to a minimum. Anybody who has done this race before knows how crazy long T1 is from the run from the beach to the bags and then back into the hotel. 

Goal: 5:40 

Esperanza excited for her debut 140.6!
I went out onto the bike with the goal of nailing my nutrition plan and keeping my HR where I needed it to be. With my wheel switch out, I would be power-tap-less. Despite my efforts to go out easy, my HR was off the charts from the start. This trend continued until the first hr. After that I settled in and stuck to my plan. It was very disheartening to see peleton after peleton pass me. I knew Chloe would hopefully catch some of them red-handed :) Other than the excessive drafting, the bike was pretty uneventful.

I accidentally forgot to pick up my Powerbar energy chews at the bike special needs but made up for the calories on the course. Total nutrition was 7 salt tabs, 8.5 bottles (2.5 water, 6 infinite), 5 hr energy, and 6 gels (powerbar chocolate, cafe latte, and kona punch). Despite sticking to my nutrition plan to the T, I was a little worried as I didn't have to pee on the bike. The temperatures were definitely rising and I just shrugged it off.

Real Time: 5:44:11 I will take it!

T2: 2:55
Big improvment!

Goal 4:00 

I headed out on the marathon feeling pretty good. I went out around 8:30 pace keeping my HR only 5 beats over what it was on the bike. My HR was cooperating and I just went with it. The first few miles flew by but as we approached St. Andrews Park the sun started beating down. After a few times of burping up/slightly vomiting my previous gels I knew it was coke time. As we exited the park and hit the next aid station, I began the coke-water routine. I felt better immediately. As we returned to the finish for loop one of 2 I caught glimpse of Chloe, Scott, and my mom. I was instantly energized. Scott told me that I was outpacing the next few girls in my AG and I had to keep it under 9s if I wanted to pass them and have a chance at the podium. Despite my best efforts and although I was passing people left and right, my pace was fading. I tried my best to pick it up after mile 20. There was nothing left until I hit mile 24. Those last 2 miles on the IMFL course woke me up and brought me home quickly. The end time was still far from pretty but close to a 20 minute improvement from IMTX.

Actual Time: 4:17:54

Total: 11:17:54

I gave it all I could. No -11 hour breaking today but still a pretty large 30 minute PR....

After getting cleaned up, we went back to the finish line to cheer in the final racers. We turned the finish line into a bud-a-rita dance party with Chloe. (In my opinion-the best part of the race)

We spent the final morning enjoying one last beach day and saying our farewells. Until next year.... (as a draft marshall lol)


  1. Congrats Heidi. I have paid attention to two of your IM's. That is a new PR for me. :)

    Special thanks to your husband of course.

    Hope you are recovering good. :)

  2. Congrats on such a huge PR Heidi! Sub 11 next time no doubt!!! :)

  3. Great report! You made great strides and should be very proud!! I know I'm proud of you!! Enjoy your off-season and I promise to call you once this freakin IM is OVER!! Miss ya!

  4. Congrats again on a great race & big PR!!

  5. That's still seriously impressive. I know it's still a few minutes off of your goal time but for those of us trying to break 12 it still lays out a good roadmap.

  6. Congrats Heidi!! You are amazing! One of these days I will have to do IMFL - looks like fun!

  7. Congrats!!! CRAZY PR - way to go!

  8. Congrats rockstar!!! You did awesome!!!

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