Tuesday, November 06, 2012


After you finish a big race like a 140.6, there tends to be this big let down. No schedule, no plan, no workouts.... Argh! What's a girl to do????

Plan for next year of course!

The day after IMFL, I said I would never do another 140.6 again. (especially after doing 2 in one year). But without accomplishing my goal of Kona or breaking 11 hrs, it's hard to throw in the towel quite yet. I think that decision might require a little more thought.

With a mids-summer move planned with my husband's job, here are my tentative plans for 2013:

Jackson Day 9k NOLA
Mardi Gras Half Marathon-Feb 24th
Girl Power Triathlon-March 24th
New Orleans 70.3-April 21st
Rev3 Knoxville-May 5th
Rev3 Portland- July 14th
Rev3 Maine-August 25th
Rev3 Florida-Nov 3rd

Which one of these races will I see you at?


  1. You're so motivated!! :)

    I've been asked what's on my race calendar for 2013 a bunch of times, and the answer is, I don't even want to think about it yet! We'll see if I'm in your shoes 2 weeks from now :)

  2. See you at the NOLA 70.3 again! :) (I think) Do you guys know where you are moving to yet?? That's fun!!!

  3. Great looking schedule! Wish you the best for next year! Can you spare some of your motivation?!

  4. woah, a mid summer move and big races in May July and August? That sounds wild. Where might you be moving to?

  5. Move is up in the air... likely spots are jacksonville fl, LA, San Fran, or Hawaii. Fingers crossed for the last 3!!

  6. That post race void is kind of strange, isn't it? I am still trying to figure out my plan for next year. I guess I had better get after it... :) I do plan on being at Knoxville and maybe Florida too - hope to see you there!

  7. I won't get to see you next year? :(
    I think you should do REV3 Cedar Point again. :)
    Awesome year you had and I was happy to get to see you!!!