Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Swim Paddle Review

A few weeks ago I was provided with the opportunity to do a product review for Aqua Gear. Given I ripped my 5 year old speedo paddles during IM training and had a hair tie holding the strap together, I thought it was time for a replacement pair. I opted to do a product review of the Vortex V8 Hand Paddles: 
 This is how they are packaged prior to assembly: 

 Post Assembly: (Very easy to assemble I might add)
 New paddle size vs old paddle size: (with my hand comparison)
Overall, I love the ergonomic hand contour design. The hand strap fits nicely and does not cause any hand cramping. Although I love the contour, the size is a bit excessive for my smaller hand. I've used these for the past 2 weeks but have only pulled 200-300meters with them. After a few hundred meters, I starting to feel a little too much upper trap and shoulder cramping.  Great product for anyone with a larger hand size with no history of shoulder problems. I wish there was an in-between size available for this product. Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions about this product. Thank you Aqua Gear for the opportunity to do this review!


  1. Been looking for new paddles, thanks for the review!

  2. I get a lot of shoulder problems out of those too. I bought them and they are comfortable on the hands, but my shoulders can't take them.

  3. Very interesting and informative! I like the review.It will surely benefit those with shoulder problems.

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