Monday, November 28, 2011

Turkey Day Surprise

Dating back to probably age 10, it has always been a tradition in my family to run a Turkey Trot on T-day. Growing up in an active family, it was something that we could all enjoy. I probably took it a little too seriously growing up. But what can I say? I'm competitive ;)

As T-day approached this year, I was a little hesitant to sign up. Knowing I haven't been running much and enjoying the off season in full force, I really REALLY did NOT want to see a run time on paper.  Despite this, Scott easily convinced me to swallow my pride and let go of my competitive spirit. After all, what a better to celebrate with Thanksgiving with my NOLA friends and family? And cute doggies:
 (best T-day costume by far)

I'm not going to lie, showing up on race day 45 minutes before the gun and signing up on race morning just felt plain weird! But that is exactly what we did. Going into the race, I had minimal expectations. I just wanted to go out there, RUN, and have a little fun! I was pleasantly surprised as I crossed the finish line at 34:01!  A new 5 mile PR :) I think my crossfit-ing and TRX-ing are paying off.  Now if these gains will only carry over to 2012!

In the end, these small gains show me how thankful I am for what our bodies are ultimately capable of. It's crazy to see what happens when we just let the mind go. For someone who has had it taken away before, I cherish every single day I still get to do this:
Hope everyone had a fun, safe Thanksgiving!


  1. Nice job on the race! I have found more often than not, that it's the last minute races we do for "fun" that always end up being the best!

  2. Nice job on smoking that race! But isn't kind of weird showing for for a race with just your running shoes? :) Yeah to cross training and totally kicking ass in 2012!

  3. P.R.??? HA HA HA. Glad you weren't training. That is nuts. I thought about doing a 5K on T-Day, but really didn't want to see my time, so I wimped out. :)

    Congrats. That is awesome. :)

  4. way to get a late season PR heidi!!!

  5. Congrats! I wish I had your courage...
    :) Though I have been doing some CrossFit, I haven't been really training, and I was too worried about sucking to do a Turkey Day Race.
    But maybe... maybe...
    Maybe I will do a New Year's 5k...

  6. Holy smokes Heidi... that's smoking fast! Great job on the PR!

  7. That’s awesome, Heidi!!! Congrats! I think I need to check out some crossfit!

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  9. Congrats on the PR! That is an awesome 5 mile time!

    I just did my first TRX workout last night, hopefully I'll see some benefits too!