Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Tightening Things Up

Although I do LOVE to rock my bootie shorts and probably could use some glute work, this time around I'm not referring to my butt...  I'm referring to something far more sexy:  SHOULDERS! Yeah.. yeah....

Anyway as I shift my focus away from the S-B-R to my muscular weaknesses, future goals, and to my 2012 schedule, I'm trying for once to be pre-emptive. Not to mention...I've treated far too many swimmers lately that simply have let it go too far:

I've had some nagging shoulder impingement issues in the past most of which have resolved themselves as taper time approached.  With a lofty schedule for 2012, I can't afford to have any of those issues. The 5000 meter + iron distance swims and 5 plus hour bike rides take a major toll on your shoulders and neck. I know I've wrote about this before but what can I say? I'm a PT and a stickler for good posture :) The longer you let issues like this go, the higher risk you are for long term damage: Rotator Cuff Fraying/Tears.

With that said, I'm giving my rotator cuff and scapular stabilizers lots of love! Some of my favorite exercises:

TRX 45 degree mountain climbers

T's and Y's

Knee to elbow Plank (for core and scapular stabilizers)

Body blade exercises through arc of stroke ( i couldn't resist this guy)

Resistance Band internal and external rotation

I try to perform these exercises 3x a week now and will drop down to 2x a week once the season starts. Just think of how much good posture can help you swim, bike, and run faster and improve your efficiency.

And as long as I'm on a team called "Hard" Inc... I guess you have to keep things tightened up :)

What about you? What are you tightening up during your off season?


  1. OK so I know what's wrong in the first photo, but I can't figure out the second photo. The arms of that swimmer are certainly positioned weird, but the shoulders look OK to me. Too flexible?

  2. I think you have a great plan in place!

    Personally, I need to tighten the whole body! I have become a marshmallow! Whoops.

  3. I do tend to hit the strength and yoga work harder during the off season. My shoulders have been a point of pride for a while now though. Well since I started swimming regularly at least. Very good goal Heidi!

  4. Thanks for sharing! I am bookmarking this one. I tend to have random shoulder pinches when I do a lot of swimming but was never sure which exercises I could do to help strengthen the area. Thank you!

  5. i want the abs of all you ladies in that photo!!!!!

  6. Wow. Have you been stalking me? Because shoulder issues are exactly what I'm dealing with currently. You're one smart PT! :)

    Shoulder issues are a tough fix. So many variables have contributed to my problems. Just have to be diligent about fixing them all.

    Cheers to strong shoulders!

  7. That blade guy is hilariously cheesy. LOVE IT.

    I am working on strength too. Awesome plan! I might steak some of it!

  8. Thanks for sharing these exercises! I am getting back into the strength training routine and will definitely try some of these. I think I need to focus on my shoulders, back and core muscles.

    The body blade guy is a riot!

  9. Love the exercises! Thanks for sharing girl! I’m pretty sure I need to tighten up everything!

  10. My hidden weakness and one that goes "missing" is the lower and mid trap. Oh ya. forgot about those:)
    Great post!

  11. Ugh... looking at all of those pictures makes me realize I have a lot of work to do! :) Hahaha... seriously though - thanks for sharing!