Monday, January 10, 2011

Manic Monday

After switching back to my original clinical rotation things have been busy...busy...busy. I'm back to my full case load seeing about 20 patients a day. All that really means is that I'm on my feet again 8-9 hours a day and that I'm that much more tired by the time I finally workout.

In between workouts I've been doing some of this.....
(I call it "quasi cheering" on the Saints with a guy named "Mud Dog" so Scott didn't get beat up)
And some of this :)
Kim S escaped from the frozen tundra in the great white north to come visit the Big Easy! Let the debauchery begin. Hopefully I don't corrupt her too bad or should I say I hope New Orleans doesn't corrupt her.... lol

Other than that I cranked out a 3500 m swim today with 500 repeats. And there is 2 workouts on the books for tomorrow so I guess I should get to bed ?

Happy Monday Blogger World!


  1. That is a lot fo time on your feet. take it easy if you can. Yay, other stuff is fun.

  2. Wow! I hope you are wearing compression socks! That is so much time on your feet!

    I love that photo of scott grinning with all of the pisses of nola fans around him :)

  3. Great lookin' fun! I second what Chloe said, I hope you are wearing your compression socks!

  4. Oh boy do I feel for you. Dont you sit with those charts at the end of the day and say "I didnt see a TKA at 8am, did I?" Sad sad sad i feel for you. Hope your paperwork and charting is efficient. And fun to have KS there with you, yay!
    Hang in there, get those lower Extremity massages scheduled now!