Saturday, January 15, 2011

Black and Yellow: You Know What it is

The Steelers did it again! I had to make sure they won before I posted this blog. My fellow Pittsburgh-ers will enjoy this.... Check out Scott's latest Splish creation:
And my new favorite song by the way:

And speaking of the Steelers and Pittsburgh, this week I was fortunate enough to have dinner with these two very special people:

Any fellow football fans recognize this gentlemen in the middle?
I'll give you one clue: Immaculate Reception
And my long lost BFF Kim!

Anyway I'll end my black and yellow binge there.

Besides wasting most of today watching football, I cranked out a 48 mile bike this am. Minus the 40 degree temps and never-ending-dripping nose, I felt pretty awesome. And as much as I've been complaining about it being cold, I'm so thankful just to be riding outside this time of year. And oh does it feel good to be back to training!


  1. I love that suit! Steelers rawk!

  2. great suit!!
    congrats on the Pitt win last night~
    Great 48!!

  3. That suit is awesome!!! Oh and I've heard that song before but I don't think I ever realized that it was about Pittsburgh until I watched the video and saw them waving terrible towels and such!! :) New theme song! :) Goooooo Stillers!

  4. You had dinner with FRANCO???!!!

    He was my football idol when I was growing up. I am truly jealous.

    Not modeling the suit?? What's up? Be proud to wear the black and yellow

  5. OK, I admit, i don't know much about football.

  6. AWESOME post - since my Eagles lost - I am forced to root for the Steelers since they will be next favorite since I HATE the Jets!!

  7. Ahh! Awesome suit! So great seeing you and Scott! I look TIRED in both of those pictures from there! O well! It was worth it to see you guys and a little of NOLA! I shall return!

  8. Um. I'm a Pats fan but I don't follow football. I am a fan because it's the right thing to do being from MA.
    I love that suit. I must get one.

  9. oh boy you are a diehard fan!!! love the suit. I need a packers one :)