Sunday, January 23, 2011


Not only does Ironman training take a toll on your body, it takes a huge toll on all of your equipment. With that said, I've had to replace a lot of stuff over the past couple months. And with a new season brings a new equipment! Here are some of the recent big changes I have made:

1) Race Wheels!

I'll be sporting these carbon 650 c Planet x wheels on the Pink Hotness.

2) A New Garmin Forerunner 110(Very much needed after this happened the night before Ironman Florida)
Yes my friends-my Garmin FR60 was held together with electric tape and super glue on race day. Not a huge fan of this watch. (And that was only after one season of wear.)

3) A helmet to match the pink hotness
Anyway Flex says go Steelers!
What big equipment changes have you made for 2011?


  1. I got the same watch you got for Christmas and I LOVE it! First Garmin I ever had. Very fun!! :)

  2. Cute picture of flex!

    It seems like no matter how much stuff that you already have, there is always something new to get or replace.

  3. Yeah race wheeles! I've heard that planet x are pretty killer - can't wait to see them on!

    So far - so good this 'pre' season. But I am hurting for an 808 on the rear of the princess :)

  4. I love the MacGyver action on the watch.

  5. cool wheels - I have been looking for some 650s and they are hard to find. when I look at the planet x site, they don't list 650 wheels as an option - are they special order?

  6. LOVE all the new gear :)

    except the steelers stuff...but congrats on the win. What can I say, Mark Sanchez is my man!!

    Anyhow, as much as PiNk is my favorite color and I covet your bike...I did finally get a new bike this weekend !! and sadly, she is not pink :( charcoal grey, pearlized organge and white.

    Looks like all my pinks things will be going orange for a while LOL!! (luckily my helmet is pearl white so one thing that can stay)

    Loving the new Garmin too!

  7. Ahhhhhhhh so you did get that sweet deal on those Planet x 50's, That was almost a steal, the 700's were regular price.

  8. Flex is adorable. It blends into your carpet.
    Fun new purchases.

  9. I know the "equipment" of a runner isn't all that exciting, but a shoe change is a BIG deal! I'm going from my trusty Nike Structure Triax's to K-Swiss Konejo's. They should be here any day and fingers crossed they work!

  10. Sticking with what I got - dreaming of a powertap.

  11. Sweet race wheels! Hey, I will be in N.O. the same weekend as the IM 70.3. I am there to hang with friends, celebrate my birthday and spectate the race. I hope maybe we can meet!

    Go Steelers!

  12. I would have freaked if my garmin feel apart the night before IM! my power meter died the week of clearwater. all that power training for nothing haha.... like the new race wheels.
    oh boy, we aren't going to get along the next few weeks are we?! :) go packers! haha.... flex does look cute in his jersey and I do love the black and yellow song ;)

  13. Those wheels are awesome! And I love that helmet!!! :)

    I'm getting a new Kestrel 4000 and I'm so excited for that to arrive. :)

  14. Woohoo for new gear! I'm so jealous! I'm thinking about getting a new helmet, but I'm not sure what to get.

  15. Great pics! I love that watch!! Too cute!
    can't wait to see you in a few months!