Wednesday, November 24, 2010

650s vs 700s?

This is a debate that will likely never be won but I'm going there. I'm calling on all my engineering types out there.

650c vs 700c wheels?

Please help!

And before I begin, I'll warn you that my bike terminology sucks. So please forgive me in advance. Here goes!

This is my pink hotness frame:

These are my pink hotness dimensions:I have the x-small size. I'm 5'4" and weigh 120 lbs. As for racing and training in the south, I ride mostly flat courses with minimal rolling hills. I've been very satisfied with my bike over the last 3 years and have become comfortable with the fit. Given my less than stellar bike handling skills, I like the way I can "man-handle" the pink hotness.

Next year I'm debating between upgrading my bike or purchasing some 404 race wheels. I know there's a vast cost difference but it makes no sense to buy wheels if I'm going to switch to 700s later on down the road. Talking to Kim S and Frayed Laces, they both seem to prefer the smaller size as well. And they both are similar builds to me.....

I understand that the smaller frame is easier to handle. I also understand that biking has a lot to do with rotational weight. 650cs are obviously lighter. On the downside, I also know that buying 650c race wheels is much more of a pain in the a**.

The pink hotness has been so good me and I don't think I want to say goodbye just yet. I can be swayed though! Has anyone recently made the jump from 650c to 700c? Are there any other MAJOR reasons I should switch?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! And good luck to Kim at IM Cozumel!


  1. I dont know the techincal aspect of what wheel size is better for a small frame, but I do know you can get screaming deals on Ebay for 650 wheels, you see them dirt cheap because not many people can ride them. I bet you can get a set of 404's for under a grand

  2. Ditto that. Everytime I saw a smokin deal, it was for a 650 or set of 650's. And not always on ebay. A lot of dealers seem to have them also.

    I don't know why you would ever consider switching. That pink frame looks soooo kewl.

    OH and I have planet X wheels. Love em.

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  3. Advantages to both. Read this post on slowtwitch.

  4. My first tri bike had 650's and the princess has 700's. The only real major 'feeling' I could tell was going up hills. But other then that, if the pink hotness works for you, why change? She's pretty awesome!

  5. I think the MOST important thing is that the bike fits. If a bike that fits comes with 650s, you buy that. If it comes with 700s, you but that. Cervelo recently stopped (I think) making bigger bikes with 650s, and I think that says a lot, mostly that 650s are necessarily faster.

  6. I don't know anything about wheels.. but LOVE the bike frame... so you!

    Happy Turkey Day!

  7. I don't think the 700's will give you that much more in the top end because you already fly!!!! Get the wheels to be more aero and pick up a lil more speed that way... It'll be cheaper and like you said you love the bike and fits great....

  8. do not switch!!!! its ALL about fit. ignore everything else. I've read alot of research about this before buying my last bike. there's a great old article on slowtwitch that breaks it down piece by piece but if you are riding an xs frame, stick with 650's. I have 650 zipp 404's and they weren't a pain in the ass to get. in fact its easier to get them second hand because other's that ride them don't have many people to sell to. I got my 404's for $300. yup. seriously. they rock. the only reason bike dealers try to put everyone on 700's is because they don't stock 650 gear to sell ya. lots of hawaii IM's were won by women on 650's (including mirinda carfrae AND paula newby rode 600's!) you are petite, ride what fits!!

  9. thanx libby-i'm definitely sticking with my bike. and you were right about the wheels. i guess i just haven't been looking hard enough