Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Newton Love

For the past couple years I have relied on one shoe brand: Newton. While some may think the brand is trendy or overly expensive, this brand has become one that I trust. Enduring Ironman training and staying injury free with my my pieced-together pelvis is a testimony by itself!

Despite my deeply rooted Newton love, I wasn't happy when I recently noticed this:

With minimal mileage on my racers (a few sprints, olympics, and one 70.3), I questioned my loyalty to the brand.

Dissatisfied with the life span of the shoes, I decided to hit up the Newton Booth at Ironman Florida. Their staff was beyond helpful and explained that there were some stitching problems around the time that I purchased my shoes. In the end, they replaced my racers with these:

They aren't pink but I'll take them :) That is what I call customer service.

What brands/products are you loyal to?


  1. I think Newtons can be a great shoe... for some people. The problem is too many people who shouldn't wear them, do. BUT great customer service is what keeps people coming back and you can't argue with that!

    I used to be brand loyal with a shoe brand & model. I loved it! Until a new model gave me the worst ITband pain EVER (actually had have my dad pick me up and drive me home)! Now I'm loyal to no one ;)

  2. That is so awesome that they fixed your problem on the spot! That is good customer service!

  3. yay. I love newtons. They work for me too.

  4. I am loyal to Brooks, they have always provided me with great customer service.

  5. I glad Newtons did right by you :)

    I have been a LOYAL Asics girl for a while now and I am having major issues with the quality (ripping apart) and when I contacted Asics about this they did replace ONE pair of the shoes but let's just say the level of service was minimal. I actually did 2 blog entries about it :(

  6. I was one of those people that shouldn't wear them, and ended up with plantar fascitis a few years back. BUT - it wasn't till going to the podiatrist. I have friends that love them and I did too in the beginning. That is awesome with the CS - makes it well worth the purchasing and sticking with a brand!

  7. I think once you find a shoe that works, it's hard to be willing to try anything else. I found my "fit" with Brooks Adrenaline. Don't fix what ain't broke.

  8. that's awesome they replaced them! I haven't tried them yet but I'm curious. I'm superstitious about my shoes ran injury free in asics 21xx for 8 years (until this year haha) so I stick with em. but when I get strong again I'm trying newtons!