Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cheers to the Off Season

The 2010 triathlon season is quickly coming to the end.

Are you excited?

I sure am.....

Can you sense my sarcasm?

I'm lost without training! Post Ironman Depression is real!

And I think I'm seriously starting to lose my marbles~I've cleaned closets, cleaned my house, cleaned my bike, cleaned out a filing cabinet, and have shopped for everyone on my Christmas list. Now what?

Maybe some cross fit and hot yoga?

Hopefully I'll figure it out sooner or later.

But for now I'll say CHEERS to the off season and YAY for guilt-free-double-fisting!

What are your plans for the off season? I could use some inspiration :)


  1. Oh! I have an idea for you - since you are done with your Christmas shopping, can you do mine now??? :)

    Off season will be over soon enough - enjoy! :)

  2. I am NO IronChica but heck, I know what you mean!! With a (somewhat) clear race schedule until March I feel L-O-S-T!!
    Enjoy your off time and have a very happy holiday season.

    ps-i gotta know what the m-dot tee says in the double-fistin' pic!!

  3. Omg girl!!! what i would do to be sitting in shorts and a tee outside!! Enjoy!!!

  4. i've been drinking a lot of wine and eating a lot of cheese. and doing a little TRXing :) have a great off-season!

  5. Plans for the off season? I'm not there yet, but guilt-free-double-fisting will definitely be scheduled in. Enjoy!

  6. I traveled, drank way too much, ate too much and now detoxing....I was completely going insane and then decided to start training for the Mardi Gras Marathon in Feb - you doing it?

  7. Take your dogs for some nice walks and hikes, check out the hot yoga, cook some new foods, shopping,...plenty of things to do in the off season :) Enjoy!

  8. lol you are really funny....ok, now, some reading go to my new Triathlon Club, I have created, as I am moving back to my home city: BARCELONA DRAGONS TRIATHLON CLUB ( especial for expats and solidarity guys!

    Feel free to contact us in case of any question...and of course, if you come to Barcelona, make sure you contact us to make your stay much more pleasant!!

    Cheers from Hong Kong via Barcelona!


  9. Excuse me? All double fisting is guilt-free! I look forward to seeing you gain 10lbs teehee :)

  10. hahahah D you crack me up! and yes I am well on my way to 10. i feel like it's a challenge now-hahahah

  11. IM blues suck suck suck! I'm already fearing this next year. In the end, totally worth it. Hang in there girlie! You coming to my neck of the woods anytime soon??

  12. Post IM depression is very real!!

    I was going to suggest yoga and crossfit but you beat me too it!

  13. oh girl, I feel your pain. that was the worst for me after my first IM. I went straight into adding a half IM because I couldn't stand it. Plan next years season and do some road racing in winter! That's my best plan to beat it (other than completely tear apart and reorganize the house- I'm half way done :) )
    enjoy and remember how much you wanted a break!!!

  14. Wow, based on that first picture I see you really are losing your marbles.