Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sleep-over Triathlon style

Last week my horrible, pessimistic mood lingered after 3-days straight of gym closures/no class. I was going to write a blog about "perspective." Admittedly it was pretty depressing...Thankfully for you all I never got around to it. Snow and all~ I had a fabulous Valentine's Day weekend with some of the greatest friends. (including flex and chewy)
As a result of the pounding of multiple snowstorms, everything that was going on in the Pittsburgh area this weekend was pretty much canceled. Luckily Kim and I scrambled last minute and came up with some alternate plans.

Instead of the Girls on the Run Fundraiser Event we had planned, we opted for a quick dinner and a movie. We decided on Valentine's Day and I must say it was the perfect choice. After wards we had our very own sleep-over "triathlon style" at my parent's house. We were planning on riding with some folks at Chad's house in the early am and both would have had over an hour commute. Snow+long drive=rough! My parents just so happen to live 5 min away. Why not? I felt like a little girl all over again.

Our sleep over consisted of the necessities that all sleep overs must have:

1. Proper hydrating (oh and the water bottles were definitely for the next day)2. Staying up way too late (midnight )
I guess that's not really that late~

3. Gossiping about girl stuff and of course triathlon

4. Properly fueling on Charleston Chews and red wine

5. And of course talking about boys!!!!


Saturday morning came way to early. We made it to Chad's right on time and jumped right into the workout. The 3.5 hour bike plus 30 min run definitely was one of the hardest workouts I've done thus far this season. Biking right next to 7 of your closest friends however, does make the workout a little more tolerable!I'm so thankful for Chad and Jen's generous hospitality! They even fueled us after wards with Chad's famous smoothie, tons of fresh fruit, muffins, nuts, and can't forget the coffee. Great workout with wonderful friends! It was definitely the highlight of my weekend. Definitely doesn't compare to studying pharmacology... YUCK!

While Scott was having fun in Mardi Gras........ He still remembered to get me these!

Hope everyone had a good Valentine's Day!


  1. Well that sounds like a perfec weekend (apart from being away from Scot part)

  2. ah, I love that you had a tri sleep over! That's what my swimming bff and I try to do ~1 yr/ we have kidlets/hubbies to contend with.

    and your whole bike set up/workout session for 3.5 hours looks so cool! that would be a great experience...

    and I do GOTR too out here in sonoma. Cool!

  3. Ahhh..what a post! So fun H! Thanks for hanging with me and for staying up late and letting me pet your wieners! Ha! Glad you had a good one! See you in a few days!

  4. Glad you had a great V day!! Always fun to have a girls night.

  5. Hey Heidi,

    I want to do an article about us young women who are balancing graduate school and training...if you want to take part, can you send me an email to frayedlaces at gmail dot com? Once I get all participants together I'll contact you guys with more info. I think this could be really fun! Also, if you have names of other girls who would be good for this, please pass them along! Thanks chicka!

  6. 喜樂的心是健康良藥,憂傷的靈使骨枯乾。........................................

  7. Oh wow. 3.5 hours on a trainer would be the death of me! Good for you, girl! You rock!