Saturday, October 03, 2009

Team Jaggad, Alpacas Part II, and Broken Plate

To start my Friday before my neuro class, I checked facebook as I usually do to get my "daily gossip". Bad habit, I know but doesn't everyone? Anyway my mouth dropped as I read the following under my husband's status.....(oh and on a side note my husband lives in fl and I'm in Pittsburgh until May)

"Proud of My Girl".... "Read Heidi's Inspiring Story" with a link to the Jaggad website? What was this?????????

Jaggad asked me earlier in the week if they could publish my latest race report from Crooked Creek and of course I agreed. I thought it would be under team jaggad athlete reports a couple pages deep. No -I was wrong. They decided to do an entire feature in the weekly newsletter and it's posted on the HOMEPAGE!!!!

Team Jaggad is a team that any triathlete can sign up for. It is an incentive based program that rewards you for accomplishing your goals. Upon completion of your goals you get credit for their sweet gear. Not a bad gig for sure! In this crazy expensive sport it seems that any financial help is a HUGE BONUS! And so far I must say that I love their products. Super high quality and durable. Anyway highly recommend it for anyone who is interested!

Wow I'm still in shock. I was not expecting this at all :) I'm hoping this will somehow help me get additional sponsors in the future. Again I'm a broke grad student! I can't afford this sport anymore!

In other news, I had a decent ride today with one of my tri buddies Kim. She is training for Clearwater and was in desperate need of a riding buddy. Although I admittedly haven't been on my bike all week, I decided to join her. What better way to enjoy the fall? Or at least I thought...

I made the mistake of doing my long run yesterday and my legs were extremely angry at me throughout the 2 hour and 2o min ride. Hopefully I didn't throw her out of her heart rate zones too much! It was a fun ride though as we always have so much to catch up on. We stopped to visit our favorite, super-cute alpacas halfway through! They were adorable and I so wanted to pet them!

Not an easy pic to take on your phone lol....
And lastly can't forget to mention.....I had more x-rays done yesterday. Somehow-someway-I already managed to break off the tip of the screw in my pubic symphysis. Oooooops... Luckily it hasn't displaced much and I'm ok thus far. My surgeon said I can keep doing what I'm doing and just have to go back again in 3 months... Geez.... I can't worry about it though and I won't let myself now. I'm not sure if that's the best strategy but where does worrying get you?

Have a great weekend everyone! And congrats to my hubby who rocked the Santa Rosa Triathlon today in Pensacola Beach!


  1. WOW! That is awesome! What an inspiration you are to us triathletes but your current and future patients will benefit from your experience. It really speaks to your character. Hey does the pubic symphysis trauma affect your biking experience?

  2. surprisingly it doesn't really hurt at all on the bike.... if i run hard sometimes the bone is tender to palpation but that is pretty much it. I thought the bike would be the worst too! who breaks their pelvis anyway??? hahahha

  3. That is awesome! Congrats - and yes, this sport can some how suck all of the $$$ of of your pockets!

    That is crazy about breaking a screw? Nuts.

    We rode part of the IMFL course this morning.....and they re-paved a few roads! It was like Christmas!!

  4. That is so awesome you got your story on the homepage... pretty cool!

  5. I checked out the homepage - so cool! You're a star. Wow.. I am hurting from that game last night! Just tired.. other than that I'm good! Had so much fun!! That was amazing! Thank you again!!