Sunday, September 27, 2009

i'm a bitch on race day

Yes-my husband will attest to this- I am in fact "a HUGE biotch" on race day. I'm not sure why~ I guess I just like to turn on my game face? As pictured below, I even have a mug to prove it! I absolutely love this mug. When I'm caught up in the early morning stress on race day, I take a sip of coffee and have to laugh when I read this.... Maybe that was his intention in the first place? But since it was a race day, I'll give a quick recap for the Pittsburgh Great Race.... This was my third race for the year, first strictly running race. I think I messed up the order on that one. I guess I should have did a run before an entire triathlon ? Maybe I'll work on that next year?

Anyway, it was a cold-wet-nasty Pittsburgh day. I was drenched before the race even started as I jogged to the start from my apartment only a short mile away. I caught up with my mom and wished her luck as this was also her first race for the year since she avulsed her right hamstrings (which means: tore ALL of them from their boney insertion). I think she did this a week before me lol. Stay away from my family!

I tried to make my way to the front amongst thousands of other already-dripping wet runners. I squeezed in about 8 rows back. My legs were pretty tight and not feeling so hot but I tried to shrug it off. After all, it was only a 5k!! The gun sounded and we were off.

My first mile was a little fast around 5:50. I was feeling pretty good and tried to relax into my pace. My second mile was around 12:40. (slowed down a little but was on pace for the time I wanted to run). The 3 mile split was 19:03 and 5K finish time was 19:44. Not too shabby as my goal was to break 20 minutes :) I ended up 9th overall female and I think 2nd in my age group (minus the overall chicas).

Oh and one more thing: I'm also a BITCH when the steelers lose to the Cincinatti BUNGALS! EWWWWWWWWW!!!! What was that? All I gotta say is the steelers better win next week against san diego because I have 50-yd line tickets! Have a great week everyone and congrats to all who raced this weekend!


  1. LOVE THAT MUG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha, loved it! :)) congrats on your race!

  2. Loving the mug... I need something like that to cuase I'm the same way race day.

    Oh and lets not even talk about the Steelers losing yesterday... still upset about it!

  3. Way to make your goal! You're running fast for just recovering lady! Love the mug..and yes, that Steeler thing - no comment. Seriously.. not cool! Talk soon!

  4. nice! you are reading my mind. neil and I had that all weekend. I need an "I'm a bitch on race day and the day before too" mug. haha, love it. congrats on the 5k, nice time! I need to get back into doing those, ugh so painful!