Tuesday, October 06, 2009

stiller mania

Once a year my mom trades services with a friend and in exchange gets to pick a steeler game to go to. It's kind of a big deal in my family. In fact, my relatives from literally all over the United States fly in town for this special event. Once a Steeler fan...always a steeler fan! This year is just so happened to be the San Diego Charger game. Sounds kinda dumb, but anyone who knows Pittsburgh knows that steeler or should I say "stiller" tickets are impossible to come by. Right now in fact, I believe the waiting list is 15 years to get season tickets....

Anyway I had the priveledge of attending the game sunday night and had a blast! One of my uncles ended up bailing last minute. To fill the void, I decided to extended an invite to my friend Kim (Tri Chica). ( I knew she was a hardcore fan too!)

The evening began early as we take our tail gaiting pre-game seriously. My gold beads were donned along with my personalized "heidi" jersey and of course with the magical terrible towel in hand. The pre-game festivities included sipping or should I say chugging in my case lots of wine and downing yummy pittsburgh food like homemade periogies. Many pictures were taken of course. I'm not sure exactly what is going on here. All I know is that guy is wearing a crazy wrestler outfit...
I love pink! (the new terrible towel) and Kim in her new newton visor :)
My Mom and I
6 rows back... Awesome Seats!
Fantastic evening as steeler games always are! Especially when we WIN! GO STILLERS!


  1. That looks like a rockin good time. Chugging wine, mmm, that might just wreck me!

  2. FUN!! You guys were so close! We took pictures from down there and then treked allllll the way to the top to our real seats. ;) Glad you had a great time!