Sunday, June 21, 2009

jinxed by the jellies

Ironically, last weekend i visited the national aquarium and commented that the jelly fish were my favorite exhibit. I must have spoke too soon because this weekend I was lucky enough to have my own personal encounter....Front row seats..up way too close and personal-

With my finals concluding and my full time clinical starting, I thought I would take advantage of my last long weekend and head to Pensacola to spend the weekend with my hubby. Surprisingly enough, his flight schedule worked out perfectly and enabled us to soak up some sun as well as enjoy the pristine gulf beaches. With that said, this was my first opportunity to do an open water swim since my crash! Yay!

We headed to pensacola beach early to beat the tourists and the sweltering 110 degree temps. As we arrived we noticed the green flag and were pleasantly surprised. Green flag equals: calm water, no rip currents, and most importantly no dangerous marine life! Wow! Things couldn't be better or so we thought.

Scott and I anxiously jumped in the perfectly clear, inviting gulf and headed west away from the pier. The temperture was initially cold but refreshing as I was dripping sweat from the walk to the beach.

With my first couple strokes, I felt skinny-slimmy- stringy -tentacles brush against my arms and then some stinging quickly there after. Given this was my first open water swim in months, I wasn't about to let some silly jellyfish ruin my workout...I lasted almost 10 minutes until one got my face. At that point I stopped and sighted to see where Scott was. He simultaneously halted his stroke and yelled in my direction, " wanna get out"? "yessssss" I screamed as another viciously attacked my leg. I ran out of the water as quick as I could- sprint triathlon style. As I sought shelter on the beach, I glanced down quickly to see my arms and legs covered with tiny red polka dots. So much for a tan, I was setting a new trend!

Needless to say, don't trust those warning flags at the beach! As we left a couple hours later, what do you know? There was a purple and green flag!

As for me, I think I jinxed myself with that previous post. I revoke my previous statement about the jellyfish being my favorite. Although they may look cool, I'm definitely not a fan. just to clarify :)

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  1. Sorry you got stung but glad you had some great time with the man in your life! Enjoy the sun for all of us who are inside working - yuck! Take care!