Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ironman Florida

After much thought and discussion with friends, family, doctors and course my husband Scott, I've decided next year I'm finally going to do my first full ironman distance race: ironman Florida.

I thought I would always wait until i finished my doctorate. But I think life is short~ why wait? With everything that has happened over the past couple months, I've grown so much more mentally and feel the time is right to embark on this new journey.

While there is a high potential for things to go south in regard to my health status, I've accepted that and am ready to take the plunge. For once I'm ignoring the what-ifs and moving forward.

Having done the gulf coast 70.3 in the past, I know the course. Luckily, Panama city will be a couple hours from my new residence in new Orleans. Also it's late fall- I will have plenty of time to train outdoors and won't have to be concerned as much about being stuck inside on the trainer because of the weather. Hopefully I'll be in nola by then anyways... There's so many positives!

This fall Scott and I will volunteer at the race to ensure a spot in im fl 2010. We volunteered in 07 and had the best time ever. It's such a positive, inspiring event to be a part of (even if you aren't racing). While sitting on the sidelines isn't always fun, it sometimes teaches us things that we wouldn't learn racing. ( at least this is what I'm learning from my forced tmporary hiatus from triathlon). For now I'm going to enjoy being the cheerleader or at least try... But whoah here I come ironman florida 2010!!!!


  1. Whohoo! That is my plan as well :) I could not be more excited!!

  2. Awesome, i'm sure you'll do great!