Tuesday, June 23, 2009

cross-fitting mania

I'm back to cross fit and loving it! This past weekend I did my first two xfit workouts with scott since i've been back :)

First day was:
50 wall ball throws
50 pullups
35 wall ball throws
35 pullups
20 wall ball throws
20 pullups

So fun! I started at 35 tho because I swam a good 3000 before that. Feel the shoulders burn!

The other one we thought we would do a relay xfit style:

20 pushups plus 40 lunges repeat 5x (plus 110 temps=sweaty mess)

go scott!
Heidi's girly pushups

And can't forget the mind and body- We had to include some beach yoga to recover and some lazy lounging in the water :)

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