Monday, February 23, 2009

weekend in paradise

I was lucky enough to spend the past weekend with my husband Scott in Pensacola, Fl. The weekend included some awesome workouts, some quality time with my husband, Scott finishing airplanes, a beach wedding, and getting sick.

Given our time constraints we did a long run outside and a speed workout at the local college, UWF. Both of which were fun workouts as always and of course we pushed each other along the way.

Scott had to fly unfortunately most of the day on Friday but finished his last flight- flying airplanes. I couldn't be more proud of him. I spent most of the day studying at Starbucks outside in the sun and later met up with my friend Caralee (another pilot wife). Saturday night we celebrated with some champagne and some local Italian take out.

Saturday was a track workout. We then proceeded to clean up and head east over to Destin for Scott's cousin, Jodi's wedding. The wedding took place at a quaint, beachy resort and was small and intimate. You can see the pics....And Scott being the thoughtful person he is, surprised me with another V-day present: a Tiffany necklace :)

Sunday I had a bright and early flight: 5:45. I was hurting all over and immediately knew I was getting sick. So no workout for me :( Luckily I made it back by 1:00 pm and had most of the day to nap and study.

Regardless, it was a beautiful, relaxing weekend and I'm glad I got to spend some time with my hubby :)


  1. Love the pictures and you look very nice!! I love the cute. You look tan too - where did you get all that sun in PA :) Glad you had fun. I saw the pics on facebook too and was so jealous you got some nice weather but glad for you too!! Have a great weekend!!