Tuesday, February 03, 2009

the never ending winter

Today was definitely-finally warm enough to run outside although still not safe for Heidi. Given my first year in PT school I've learned all I need to know about my own anatomy and issues/deformities. I am an over supinator with both running and walking and am considered to be a chronic lateral ankle sprainer. I have weak everters. I've sprained my ankle so many times I've lost track. In college track I once sprained my ankle in the 100 m hurdle race- not because I hit a hurdle-because I fell while leaning across the finish line! And that was a grade III sprain. I got the hurdling thing down...but crossing the finish line is another task!

Although the sidewalks in Pittsburgh are almost clear -I'm holding off. The last time I got hurt was right before Thanksgiving where I slipped on some icy sidewalks....I will just have to watch in envy as temperatures rise to the 20s and other runners come out of hiding. For me it was a long treadmill run and then off to the pool...

Given this has been my first winter back in the "north" after living in Fl and VA for awhile, I'm having a rough time with it. What happened to open water ocean swims and long rides outside :( ? With my first A races in May I'm trucking along hoping for warmer temps soon!


  1. YUCK yuck Yuck, I hope you get your warm weather soon... hang tight...

  2. Hey! Love the blog. Chad gave me the link and I just wanted to say hi. I don't know if we have met before (probably have and I don't remember because I stink at that stuff) but it would be great to train sometime (maybe even this weekend at the Holderbalm rideapoloza that I hear is happening on Saturday!). Looking forward to meeting you or re-meeting you! Whichever!