Thursday, January 29, 2009

round I

So as the weekend nears I'm preparing myself for round one of exams: neuroscience and musculoskeletal. Both of which will be on the same day! So basically that means that besides cheering on the pittsburgh stillers (and my scheduled workouts of course) most of my weekend will be spent with my head in the books.

These weekends are plentiful, torturous, and super depressing in physical therapy school. If anybody needs their back cracked or head examined send me a shout out and I will demonstrate my stellar techniques! ( I'm SERIOUS)

BUT I'm already one month into the semester and really only 3 months from two of my A races for the season! Two things to be super stoked about. 

Today was my spinning/running day. Although some may not count teaching spinning as a legit workout, I have to get my workouts in wherever possible. Tomorrow is off to the pool after clinic followed by a run. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! 


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