Sunday, February 15, 2009

My V-Day

So this Valentine's Day wasn't really "my Valentine's Day" since I didn't get to spend it with Scott. I get to celebrate this upcoming weekend instead in sunny Florida :) I'm headed down for a little visit and for his cousins wedding in Destin. I bought a super cute black and white guess dress and have been fake-baking a little for some color (shhhhh!! It's what you have to do up north~). It's an outdoor wedding some I'm sure it will be beautiful! Destin is definitely my favorite place best on the Panhandle because the beaches and can't forget the outlet shopping :)

Luckily Scott finished his last couple cross country flights and won't have to fly this weekend. It was definitely last minute but somehow God was looking out for us. For me, I was able to get out of my clinical Friday to squeeze out an extra day .....although I still have a cardio-pulmonary midterm on Monday :(

Owell gotta prioritize right???? At least that is my mentality.....

Anyway for some workout updates today was a 65 min run and a easy swim day. Saturday was an intense interval/x-fit workout. Friday was a quick run/hard swim followed by some horrible snowboarding. Yes-complete ice/granular with bare spots and freezing temperatures. I stayed about an hour and left after I did a graceful face-plant in the 18 ft half pipe. And the pipe was definitely not this pretty on Friday..... Luckily I didn't hurt anything besides my face!

I spent most of the weekend with my weiner dogs: Flex and Chewy and with my mom and stepdad. We visited the strip district in Pittsburgh and made some authentic home cooked decadent meals. It definitely wasn't the same being without Scott but thanx to my family and my weiners for making it tolerable!
Here is the my lil beast flex:

And can't forget the Chewbaca-

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  1. Such cute doggies! Glad you had a good V-day and will even have a better one this weekend! Enjoy the sun for all of us!