Thursday, January 08, 2009

new years resolutioners

Although I wish everyone well with their fitness new years resolutions for 2009, both the gym and pool are places you DON'T want to be this time of year. I feel like no matter the time of day I'm fighting tooth and nail for equipment, a treadmill, or a lane. I don't mind waiting like everyone else. BUT when you are walking 1.5 mph on the treadmill while chatting to your sorority sister or doggie paddling a lap and then taking a 10 min break in between I'm going to get inpatient!

Luckily 2 other swimmers were nice enough to invite me to circle swim with them and I didn't have to tear anyone a new one : ) Without their kindness I would still be waiting for the doggie paddlers to conclude. 

Todays workout wasn't too bad although I feel pretty beat. My workout was 30 min run followed by a long swim. I haven't been in the pool for a LONG time since my extended Christmas break. It does feel good to be back to a training plan. I was going a little insane for awhile on maintenance mode. AND the best news of the day: My last final is April 23rd so I will be able to attend the National Duathlon Championships in Richmond, VA! I couldn't be happier!!!! Now the only question that remains: Will I be able to stick to my training plan during the semester from hell??? I sure hope so :) 

Have a good nite! GOOOOOOO FLORIDA!!!!!!!!

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