Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Off day

No school today yippie! My clinical rotation doesn't begin until next week so I had an entire day to work out, organize, and even take a lil nap.  My workout today wasn't too bad just a 10x100s hard and a moderate 30 min run. It was nice to have time to work out and not feel guilty for not studying. Unfortunately training always takes a back seat to school. 

Speaking of school, I'm almost read to post my schedule for 2009. I've been anxiously awaiting my finals schedule for this semester before I make any costly commitments. So far it's looking good and I should be done April 25th which will allow me to go to the Duathlon World Championship qualifier in Richmond! Yah! Things are looking better already.

In addition to my own schedule, I have to consider Scott's schedule which is more insane than mine. The military has no consideration for schedules and therefore you cannot plan anything! At least not until Scott is done with flight school. If all goes well he should be finished sometime between August to October. I might need to help him move to Hawaii or somewhere crazy like that.  I'm hoping we end up in Clearwater. Fingers crossed!!!!! 

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