Friday, January 09, 2009


Today I was lucky enough to head up to Seven Spring one last time with my sister before she heads back to Salt Lake City. Although it was pretty freakin cold out we had a blast. There were plenty of rails, boxes, picnic tables, table tops, and flat downs for us to hit all day long. We also took some sweet footage of both of us  "killing it" as some snowboarders would say. lol  

Given I spent the last couple years in Fl and VA, my confidence needs a little work. Jumps and half pipe for some reason don't intimidate me. Throwing myself full speed off a 15 foot gap isn't that bad..... BUT for some reason riding over a metal rail scares the you know what out of me. I bail constantly. 

I guess you can't be good at everything which is sometimes hard for me to digest. Snowboarding is one of those things that should be fun, mind-clearing, and relaxing. For some reason I always end up making it a competition. I guess it goes back to my teenage dream of becoming a professional snowboarder.... hahahh yah funny I know right???? Well although I've given up on that dream I still plan on doing some local competitions this season. At least maybe I'll get some free gear or sweet swag right????? Video footage to come :) 

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