Sunday, May 18, 2014

BFAS Race Report

Usually the normal recovery for me for a 70.3 is 1-2 weeks. After the swim was cancelled last weekend at Gulf Coast, I felt shorted! I checked the weather forecast, made sure my recovery was going well, and decided last minute to sign up for the 1st of 3 for the BFAS sprint series in Mayport, Florida. What's a sprint triathlon compared to the normal weekend hours logged for a 70.3? Walk in the park right? Racing 1 week post 70.3 was not the smartest idea I've ever had but in the end things worked out quite alright! With my long season coming to a close, what did I have to lose?

Without going into too many boring race report details, I went out hard and went to have fun! The day started with one of prettiest sunrises I've seen in awhile:

Despite the swim being washing machine-esque with chop/difficult sighting and some intense winds on the bike, the race was perfect! I exited the water with one pink cap or other woman in front of me who I later passed in T1. After that I was passing the boys! I wasn't sure how the legs would respond but there was definitely some gas left in the tank after 6 months of heavy 70.3 training. I felt some residual fatigue toward the end of the whopping 16 miles but otherwise was good to go. Going onto the run, I caught a glimpse of my friend Betsy who I figured was about a minute behind.

Just drop a quick 5k and you are done I told myself! Again-- I wasn't sure how the legs would respond. With logging lots of high mileage-slower stuff, I had no idea if the fast gear would work. Thankfully the legs responded nicely with 6:45s-7s. I caught of a glimpse of Betsy and another girl near the turn around who looked really strong. With less than a mile to go, I prayed I could hold on. Thankfully I did with a minute to spare.

Wattie Ink (Drew) and Betty Designs brought home the "W" and looks like Jacksonville Orthopedic Institute PTs representing!

Sigh.... Oh does it feel good to be back to the short stuff :)

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