Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Adult Spring Break : Triathlon Style

Everybody needs a spring break right? Just because we aren't in college anymore doesn't mean we shouldn't get some beach, frosty beverages,  a tan, and some sunshine? I wish it still worked that way.  Getting old sucks! Either way I had my little piece of spring break in Panama City Beach. Amidst heavy half IM training, I definitely needed a change of training scenery and figured a little sunshine/beach time wouldn't hurt.

I headed to PCB to spend the weekend with one of my favorite spring breakers and girly triathletes

We spent Saturday rocking out a 63 mile ride at the Tour de Ranch with some solid rolling hills that included about 3000 feet of climbing. Not bad for Florida right? We were nice enough and even pulled some boys along for the ride :) It turned out to be a beautiful day and fun ride that included minimal mechanicals, bike short tan lines, and frosty electrolyte beverages. We thought we would be crazy add a little T-run too. So out of control right? 

Then the real spring break began! The day was topped off with some beach time and then official adult beverages. I'm not going to lie... I did feel pretty old amongst a bunch of 20-something year olds.  Either way both Chloe and I were rocking our bikinis way better than the college girls were rocking their freshman 15.  I'm thankful for that ;) 

Despite our attempt to hang, we were both done after one cup of frozen daiquiri and after a few free samples. Rookie mistake.

The next day Chloe and I woke up super early to rock out our long runs. Our long run was a very educational for sure. We learned a lot of spring break lessons. A few include:

-If you get super drunk and your friends can't find you and you have no idea where your hotel is.... the beach access makes for an AWESOME place to sleep:
-We later learned that running or "cardio" is the shizit..... (after being hit on by some college kids drinking natty light) at 6 am. At least we still look like we are in college right?

And that is a wrap of 2 days of solid training and spring break! Definitely not the spring break I used to have, but not bad for being a thirty-something weekend get away right? I'll take it :)

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