Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rev3 Portland: A Dream

At the start of the year I was signed up for the Rev3 Portland half distance. After some thought, I realized there was no way I would be ready for a half at this point in the season. (especially given the half distance climbs)....Flying across the country for an Olympic distance race seemed a little crazy, but who cares it was in Portland! And I would finally get to meet my awesome teammates!

I was fortunate enough to stay with on of my awesome Rev3 teammates, Alisa. Alisa and her hubby were the most amazing hosts ever! I flew in late Thursday hoping to give myself enough time to re-assemble what would be the "pink hotness's last harrah".

For some reason up to this point, I have never raced an OLY distance well. Maybe because my OLY races have always been "B" races. Not sure but I have never ever put a race together at this distance. I think my best time was a 2:40-something.....Going into this race, I wanted to have fun and enjoy this picturesque course.

The swim took place in Blue Lake Park. It was by far the cleanest, clearest-fresh water I have yet to swim in. I figured I would go out hard and try to stay with the leaders. And that is exactly what I did. I felt like I was with the lead pack until the turn around to head back. They warned us that it was a "sharp right turn". I didn't realize how sharp it was until I cited the lead pack a good 150m plus to my right. OOooops. Smart move Heidi! Yes my swim was super slow.

Goal time:  23-26 min Actual:28:49

Somebody had some making up to do!!! Despite my mistake, I kept it positive and headed out onto the bike. The bike was pretty flat with a roller or 2. The only hard part was a patch of rough road during miles 8-13 where there was some re-paving of the road. The road was stripped and a little bumpy. After the turn around, it was smooth sailing with a tailwind heading back. I saw that I was 4th female OA. The views of Mt. Hood heading back to T2 were breathtaking. I tried not to get too distracted. As I headed back to T2 a Wattie Ink girl passed me. Recognizing the girl from IMTX, I knew I would pass her on the run.

Goal: 1:08-1:11. Actual:1:11:07

I headed out onto the run. I was feeling good and ready go fast. I started out 7:20-ish and felt amazing. It was warm but there was absolutely no humidity. Ideal conditions for this now swamp-lander! The run was a simple out and back. I took half a gel around mile 2 and continued to feel like I was flying. I was passing people left and right. No sign of the ladies. As I neared the turn around I caught glimpse of 1st and 2nd. They were a ways up and looked strong. I saw #3 and knew she was within striking distance. I just focused on the passing the nearest person in front of me and then onto the next. I think this is the first run ever where I was not overtaken once. I was actually the one doing the overtaking! YES! Running back with Mt. Hood in the backdrop, I was just in awe. As I approached the end of mile 4 I caught the next lady and easily moved in to 3rd OA. The last mile was a breeze. It felt re-assuring to feel this strong at the end of the race!

Goal: 43-45 Actual: 45:30.

Final time:  2:28:38
Goal: 2:15-2:24
Close enough for me and I think 20 minute PR! My speed is finally coming back after all that long slow stuff!!! Thank you Rev3, Powerbar, Normatec, Pearl Izumi, and my awesome teammates for a amazing race/weekend and to my new Coach Chad who is finally bringing my speed back!

For those of you considering this race, stay tuned for Top 10 things to do in Portland during race weekend!


  1. You had a fantastic race Heidi! Congrats!

  2. Nice job - you did great!! been wanting to do the half at some point there. Beautiful there!

  3. Wow - awesome race!! Congrats on a huge PR!!