Wednesday, May 11, 2011

That Time Again

It's race time AGAIN! Yay! This weekend is the first annual New Orleans 5150. When WTC first announced the 5150 series I was so excited. I thought wow this is something I could probably do well at and maybe even qualify for the 5150 Hyvee World Championships. Then I did some thinking... Why would I want to go to Iowa? I think if I'm going to travel I'm going to go somewhere like Florida or California. Definitely not Iowa...(no offense mid-westerners). So I think there has been a slight change in my schedule. No more Hyvee for me. With the cash prizes and hype maybe I will change my mind.

Anyway I was shocked today when I saw the registrant list: less than 500 peeps. Wow-WTC must be losing some big bucks here.

And after checking out the water early this am, I am far less optimistic there will be a swim. Conditions were far more rough than they were at the 70.3. The pressure is on WTC. All I know is that if this thing is cancelled is going to kill the future growth of this race and other races in New Orleans as well. Frustrating. Nuff said.

Anyway who else is racing this weekend? Good luck to: Charisa, Kim and all of the Pittsburgh half/full marathoners :)!


  1. Hey have fun! Sorry about the swim, there are some nutty conditions across the board going on. Last week we had 80s then tornados now its 40's and rain.
    loved your list of girlie things too:) Refreshing. I am glad you didnt post " this is how eat and train la la la...boring."

  2. Good luck! I really hope they don't cancel the race because I really want to come race in NO!

  3. Yikes. Hopefully the winds turn fast overnight and it calms down for ya!

  4. Hi!
    Hope you had a great race. look forward to reading about it;-)

  5. Wow! That stinks the swim was canceled again. I raced in the Irongirl in Atlanta this weekend. Next weekend Alex and I are doing the Memphis in May 5150. They keep sending out announcements that the race is still on even though Memphis is flooded. We'll see... After such a bad bike at NOLA 70.3, I signed up for the Kansas 70.3 in June.
    Congratulations on graduating! How exciting!

  6. I haven't really heard what happened with the race. Hope it survives though.

  7. ugh so incredibly frustrating! hope it went well for you heidi!