Monday, May 16, 2011

New Orleans 5150 RR

I think I jinxed my self by calling the New Orleans 5150 swim cancellation too early. My prediction came true and the swim was in fact cancelled. Water conditions were definitely a little rough.... far worse than the NOLA 70.3.
Prior this year I've only had one swim cancellation due to rough waters and this year I'm 2/2 for swim cancellations. GEEZ! Sometimes I think we need to ask ourselves: isn't this what triathlon is about... sucking it up and facing the conditions? I don't think WTC would agree lol.

But getting to the race report, I 'll keep it simple to spare you from my negativity! Instead of the 1500 m swim, race organizers opted for a 2 mile run. Yay! Right up my ally....

2 mile Run
As the run took off, I kept reminding myself not to go too hard or get super
excited. I knew if I did my legs would pay for it on the bike. I went out at a decent pace and stayed with the top 5 women or so.
Run 14:22

40 k Bike
Again very similar to the NOLA 70.3, the winds were a nightmare=gusty and unpredictable.... Given the conditions, I tried to keep up my cadence and keep my heart rate in check. After the first 5 miles or so 2 girls from my age group passed me. I tried to keep them in my sight but my legs and heart rate just said F-U Heidi...I was frustrated but tried to just focus on my race.
Bike 1:13:45 pace 20.2

10k run
I knew if I wanted to be competitive at all in this race I had some major making up to do on the run. I took the first mile easy and tried to focus on my turnover and cadence. After mile 1, I loosened my bike legs and dropped 30 sec off my mile pace. I was able to keep my pace between 7:30-7:50. At the 3 mile turn around, I could see the 2 girls that I needed to catch. They were both a good 2-3 minutes ahead of me. Lots of making up still to do. I caught a group of people here and there but still no sight of my AG girls. As the last mile approached, I tried to keep it up as both my pace and positive attitude faded.
Run 47:24 pace 7:39

Final time: 2:18:03, 5th AG 30-34

On a positive note, my 5th place finish earned some nice swag and also qualified me for the Hy-vee Age Group Championships. Yay for that!
Mary and I are debating Hy-vee... Girl trip?!
Anyway you can probably tell from my tone that I was disappointed with my race... Ultimately I believe certain days we race like champions and on some days we don't. Yesterday was not one of my days. After every race, I try to go back and examine what went wrong... what could I have done better? Looking back at this race there were no glaring, huge mistakes. I haven't missed any workouts. Nutrition was spot on. No injuries. I just didn't have my Heidi spunk. For me, that makes it that much more frustrating! Am the only one? Solid day buy I know I can do better!
Regardless, I will move on and be positive and know that "my day" will happen in the near future :) Congrats to everyone else who tore it up this weekend at the NOLA 5150, Rev3 Knoxville, and the Florida 70.3. And as for next week, I am thinking about signing up for IM Texas 2012..... Who's with me :) ?


  1. way to kick some butt heidi! im sorry to hear the conditions were far from ideal, but look at that bike split... fabulous! congrats on the 5th place and age group champs spot. and im confident you will be back to your spunky heidi-self in your next race!

  2. OH! IM Texas would be perfect for you - you can train in the same conditions all winter! :) Sorry you didn't have the race you wanted - just makes you that much more ready to nail it next time!

  3. Congrats on 5th and qualifying for AG finals. That alone is super impressive. I am not a runner, my heart would have sunk if I went to a race and the swim was cancelled. Congrats again

  4. Sorry to hear about the cancellation, but great news on placing 5th!

  5. I feel exactly the same as you about the swim. Basically, you didn't get the race you paid for. I know there are the safety issue, blah, blah, blah, BUT it doesn't make you feel any better. Sorry :(
    I love that award though and now you have a good excuse to go to Iowa afterall. IMTX huh?? Now you got me thinking ...

  6. I was so disappointed at NOLA 70.3... I can't imagine it happening TWICE! You perservered and placed and although you didn't get the swim in - you did more than alot of other people on a Sunday in May!

    You should totally sign up for IMTX... who knows...maybe it will be my 140.6 debut!

  7. Bummed I didn't get to meet you. Congrats on 5th - awesome!! And HyVee - even better :)

  8. Definitely NOT with you on signing up for any ironmans!

    Maybe the race didn't go as well as you hoped because you didn't plan to race a duathlon? Congrats on placing well despite the change.

  9. Congrats on your age-group placing and Hyvee spot. You are a rock star in my book!

  10. I know you're a tad bit dissapointed, but I'm telling you, this is only the beginning. You hang in there.. you're talented and more importantly, a hard worker. Your race will come.. not because it was just "the right day" but because you were ready and you earned it! 5th is pretty dang awesome - you forgot to mention the Hy-vee!! You stinker!

  11. Sometimes, its all just in your head and no fitness can do anything to battle against it.

    Despite not the greatest feelings about the race, those are some seriously respectable times. You've got some good performances in you this year, keep at it and your chin up.

  12. Congrats Heidi!! What a pretty award!! How exciting to qualify for the AG championships. I'm considering IM Texas...sounds like a fun trip and race!!
    Miss ya...tell Flex Bark Bark from Campster.

  13. You did awesome - my company is in Des Moines, if you are doing it I will see about taking a work trip to support!
    I was thinking of IM Texas as my first Ironman - just wondering if how I will do going from training in Spring in Jersey to Heat in Texas...

  14. hey, you still had a good race despite. I think the run/bike/run is kind of a let down- its hard to get your mind in that mode of that much pain right off the gun. just reflect and adjust and the next race will be spot on! still great results for not the best race for you

  15. I totally know the feeling you are having! Keep your chin up - you kicked butt! Congrats on a great race and earning a spot at HyVee!

    Did you sign up for IMTX??