Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tri-tats Giveaway

Since I've recently passed 100-follower-mark I've decided to do a give-a-way. Winner takes home a tri-tats kit sample of 20 numbers. That means 20 of each number~This may last your whole season....These numbers look way more professional than those messy sharpies! And think of the time you will save on race morning bypassing body marking. Triathletes only.
Here are the rules:

1. You get one entry for being a follower of my blog. (Leave a message and let me know you are a follower)


2. You get 2 entries in addition to the one above if you leave me a comment about how to create home-made nutrition substitutes! (stuff to take on the go for long rides, runs etc.) Without a nutrition sponsor, I'm sick of wasting so much cash on gels, drinks, bars etc. Help out this poor grad student!

The give away ends Friday March 4th at midnight central time.


  1. Me me me. i'm a follower. And I love skipping body marking :-)

  2. and for food to eat, I buy betty crocker fruit chews (gluten free). Each pack is 90 calories. You can buy a 46 pack box at Sams club for about $8. I won't race with them but for long rides they are great. I'll still do a few long rides with my race nutrition, but this mixes it up some. Now if I could just stop snacking on them at other times.

    I also use Tang ($6 at Sams club) for my long rides. I buy some buffered salts to mix it with and sometimes just throw in a nuun (banana goes well with tang) for electrolytes. Super super cheap. And about the same # of calories as gatorade

  3. I'm a follower...

    Homeade Nutritional Substance: Skyy Vodka and Diet Mountain Dew. It gives you a buzz, the kick, and the taste all in one! Plus, the vodka will give you the calories that you need to consume during your ride.

    BAM! Winner!

  4. LOL at Angela's recipe :)

    Not sure on recipes for stuff while out on the run (or bike) but I know lots of peeps who just use gummy bears.

    I do have a recipe for recovery "home brew" drink from Joe Freil-depending on body wt:
    12-20 oz fruit juice, 2-5 tbso glucose, 1.5-3.5 scoops protein powder.
    If you want the exact recipe for your wt, just email me :)

    here is a recipe I found online
    Now you got me curious and I'm gonna see what I can find out there...

  5. I follow –

    For sports drink it is pretty easy to make your own with just sugar (if you want to get fancy you can get dextrose from on-line or a brewing supply store for about a buck a pound) and sea salt. Sea salt because of all of the trace elements. You only needa a teaspoon per gallon but salt to taste. Some people like super salty (some evidence suggest that is is better) and some people like a mild salt.

    You then can make your own flavors to taste with kool-aid or lemon juice or whatever. Make a big pitcher and it is pennies a gallon.

  6. I'm A follower!!! And I will be doing my very first Tri in May!!! Can't Wait. As for the other I still use Nuun and GU Gels that I buy due to lack of time.

  7. I'm a follower! As for homemade nutrition advise I'm going broke just like you on Gels and GUs. However, I'm going to try Angela's advise above while on a bike! LOL.... I've been guilty of slamming Redbull, Vodka & Gatorade before short races, but never involving a bike ride.

  8. Been following for quite some time now!

    Sweet Potatoes with all the fixins in a Ziploc Snack bag. Just bite off the corner, insert into mouth and squeeze. Tah-dah!! instant gelatinous super carb! Beats the heck out of gels all the time.

  9. I'm a follower - here's an electrolyte nutritionist I used to go to told me this, I have used it and works nice. Can't take credit for the actual recipe.
    2 quarts water
    1 teaspoon baking soda
    2 tsp MORTAN LITE SALT ( must be this particular brand which is the perfect combo of salt and potassium )
    1 packet Sugar-Free Kool-Aid - I did grape
    1 tbsp Lemon juice

    As for post recovery, I like a protein/carb equal mix, so I use 1 scoop of dessert whey whipped vanilla and 1 scoop of Banana Carbolyze (you buy the big tubs and last forever) and water...tastes good

  10. Man! That is a cool idea! I hope I win :) Oh.. I need to do one of these.. hummm.. this has got me thinking! Thanks H!

  11. I just signed up for my first sprint tri. So excited!


  12. Just signed up for my first sprint tri! Yay!

  13. Hi, Sean from TriTats here. TriAngel, for those who did not win, give them this promo code: "tritats rock" use that at to get a 15% discount!

    Best regards,
    Chief Tat at TriTats