Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Goals for the Week

Dr. Mr. Blog. I apologize once again for neglecting you. This time around I cannot promise that it won't happen again before Nov. 6th. In fact, it will likely happen again, and probably more than once.

I hate to use my blog to vent but I've been sort of anti-triathlon lately. Ironman training is sucking the life out of me and also squeezing the fun out of training. I'm guessing that is the norm. But anyway, I'm copying off of my dear friend Anne Marie and setting out some goals for the week (yes- i know the week is almost half over) but something is better than nothing right?!???

1. Do not miss any swimming!!!! (and stop skipping the cool down!)

2. Get my mid-week 3 hour and 10 min ride done

3. Lift at least once and don't forget the core!

1. Send my lil marine bro a care package since he's deployed

2. Catch up on all of my loyal blogging friends!

3. No wine/alcohol more than one night a week

Despite my sour attitude, training is humming along. I managed to accomplish my 2 long days over the weekend. Saturday was a 100 mile ride, 30 min brick, and 4500 m swim. Sunday was a nice 17 mile run. Saturday I met up with a fellow MAO athlete who is also training for IM Florida and who is a Coast Guard rescue swimmer. It was so nice to have the company. The longer my workouts get, the more I realize I need the social/moral support to help keep me both sane and accountable.

And although my workouts somehow keep getting longer, the weather in the dirty south is finally starting to cool off. To clarify for my fellow northerners, cooler in New Orleans is temperatures below 90 :)

Anyway hope everyone is having a good week! Good luck to all of those starting their Kona Taper!


  1. YES. This cooler weather totally rockes. AND - if you have the urge to drive to PCB this weekend, we're doing the whole IM course. You are more then welcome to join! :)

  2. Hey there! Just saw your title and did a super double take! LOVE it!! thx for the shout out;)

    You've got a lot of goals girl.
    and i've personally found that vino has not affected my training...but then again I'm not training for a full IM, but i know other ps who say it hasn't either. it's more the other 'junk' foods like high calorie/fat foods.

    Good luck and sending you 'i *heart* tri training vibes;-)

  3. You can do it Heidi!! Keep chugging along. Come race day it will all be worth it. :)

  4. Great goals for the week and enjoy the cooler weather while you are training!

  5. Hey H!! We need to talk.. because A. I miss you, B. I'm going through the same things so I can totally understand! C. I MISS you.. good goals.. I have them too.. same one

  6. The ironman is just around the corner so keep training and then you can have lots of time off.

  7. GOOD! Put your head down and get it done! Getting there! YAY! :)) I love the new pics - format of your blog (and of course the pink!) :))