Thursday, September 30, 2010


Despite my ups and downs and roller coaster ride through Ironman training, my husband Scott has been nothing less than amazing.
He's put up with me slacking on chores, never being around, waking him up at crazy early in the am, and he's even dealt with "Miss Crappy Pants" on several occasions. (AKA~Heidi in bia mode)

He's done things like this......

And this.....

Wednesday I had a horrible day in the clinic and Scott surprised me with these beautiful flowers.
Although my journey is nowhere near over, he's been there to keep me sane, movtivated, and level headed. Wow am I lucky!
Who helps you get it done?
Happy F-R-I-D-A-Y!


  1. A good supporting cast surrounding you makes do this sport so much more pleasurable.

  2. Um.. hello.. you know the answer to that one - Tri Friends like you and all my other friends, and of course, the K-mister! Miss you.. PLEASE, let's talk soon ok..

  3. You have a great hubby! My hubby and friends are my support group and they do a great job!

  4. Awesome! My husband is also amazing and I would not be able to do it without him!

  5. Oscar is much the same - don't know what I'd do without him!! Three cheers for supportive family and freinds! :)

  6. and...your husbands HAWT!;-)

    supportive DH's are the best;-)

  7. Count your blessings! You are a lucky gal~
    My husband is amazingly supportive and I can't believe I am so lucky! From early morning runs to schlepping all my stuff at races, being a photographer, babysitter, chef, maid...
    My parents and my in-laws are also great-they help out with Lola whenever I need to get out and run, bike, swim, gym...
    I am surrounded by a wonderful support system!

  8. Ahhhh!!! What a great husband! My boyfriend, my running buddy, and all of the awesome bloggers I read help me get 'er done. I love that my boyfriend and I run together once a week and that my running buddy and I also go to yoga together. But bloggers are so inspiring with all of their stories!

  9. arent the supporting cast members amazing! Could not do it without them!

  10. Happy October girl! It's sure cool here wish I could ship it south:) yup we are truly blessed for our SO's that support our crazy lifestyle- and our crazy moods!
    Glad ur doing well!

  11. Your husband just gave me a great "supportive" idea for my girlfriend who is going to attempt to BQ in two weeks at the Running for the Bay Marathon. The beach message idea... love it! Good luck on your Iron Man!