Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sandestin Tri RR

This weekend was a jam packed with racing, anniversary celebrating, and beaching it. Probably a strange combination to some, but for me it was perfect. Scott and I headed over to Destin, Florida on Friday. And although Friday was our real anniversary, we saved the celebration for post-race. After arriving in lovely Destin, we settled into our hotel and did the usual pre-race course-scope and packet pick up for the Sandestin Triathlon.

Despite this being a c-race for me, I was a little nervous about my lack of triathlon racing over the year. With that being said, I wanted to bust out a solid performance with good splits to build my confidence. The course consisted of a 800 m swim, 20 mile bike, and 4 mile run.

Pre-race was uneventful. Scott and I did our thing and headed out to the beach. The westerly winds were in full force this morning and definitely kicking up some nice chop. Luckily the swim went with the current. The swim went off without a hitch. I was pushed around a bit by the chop but still felt strong and comfortable. Sighting was a challenge with the chop and early morning glare, but I seemed to stay on track. I kept reminding myself, "Heidi-this is a sprint triathlon not an ironman-Go hard!" There was a little rip current heading out of the water, but I made it out at last: 15:42. A little slower than I would have liked but I didn't let if mess with my psyche.

Out to transition I went. T1 took a little longer than planned as I got my aero helmet stuck on my ears. Ooops. Guess I need to work on that.

Off to the bike. The smooth Florida roads were awesome. The wind was at my back and I was moving. Looking down at my bike computer I saw 28 mph and instantly remembered the wind. I also reminded myself that I would be headed back against the wind for the second half of the race. I passed a few guys here and there and a few passed me. But there was this one guy that I just couldn't shake. I could tell he was a newbie as he made his path down the middle of the lane and failed to stay far right. I passed him twice earlier and each time after I would make my pass he got some sort of weird inspiration and would hammer ahead of me. I'm not sure if it was because I was a chick or what.....I was keeping my pacing consistent.

A little confused by this rider's intentions, I tried to back it off. But after every time I would back off, he would slow dramatically again. The third time was the kicker. I heard a rumbling motorcycle behind me and I knew it. I was charged with drafting. As they drove by I wasn't sure what was going on as I was far right holding my line and the douche was riding again in the middle of the lane. After the motorcycle passed, I shook him one final time. I was sick of these games. Grrrrr

Despite what happened, I pushed it out of my mind and tried to focus on the present. I finished strong and caught my first glimpse of Chloe on the way. Bike split: 52:29 22.8 mph

T2 was smooth and onto the run. My pace was strong but relaxed as I picked off a lot of runners. I kept it steady throughout the 4 miles and finished strong. Run 28:11 7:02 pace

Final time 1:39:42
Drafting Penalty: +2:00 (my first and last hopefully)

Before and after the penalty, I was 3rd in my age group (25-29)and 6th overall. There were definitely a lot of fast ladies out there. Although the penalty didn't affect my place, I'm embarrassed by what had happened. I almost feel violated. And even looking back, I don't know how I could have handled it better. I guess if it ever happens again, I will make sure I back off more or yell at the guy. I truly hope I'm not the only one that this has happened to. Lesson learned.

Post race, I got to meet up with blogger friend: Chloe. (check out her blog if you haven't already) She pulled out an awesome performance and also took 3rd in the 30-34 age group. Hopefully this was a first meet up of many as we're planning an IM Florida training weekend for Labor Day.

Hope everyone else who raced this weekend kicked some booty!

Check out the video Scott made me to help me make light of my little situation... funny stuff.....


  1. Nice job on the race. That video is hysterical. I know that situation well!

  2. Woohoo! Congrats on your race and getting 3rd place! Yay! Ugh..that drafting penalty must have been so frustrating b/c I'm sure there was really nothing else you could have done.

  3. That video is THE BEST! :) Hilarious!!
    Sorry to hear about your first drafting penatly (super frustrating) but that didn't stop you from kicking butt~Congrats on 3rd.

  4. I’m sure that guy was a noob and couldn’t let his ego go. He probably also enjoyed the view.

    Sorry about the penalty.

  5. His postures are perfect in this video.
    “Dude…it was you”.
    “I had Bon Jovi in my head and sped up”
    This is probably the funniest video that I’ve EVER seen.

  6. wow, that video was hilarious! he looked kinda gay with his hand on his hip... I'm sure that's what you were going for!

  7. Great job! I am so happy that both you and Chloe had great days!

  8. Way to go Heidi! Want to hear all the details! I'll call you back soon. Saw I missed your call yesterday! Hope all is well and happy anniversary!!

  9. Oh that is so frustrating!! I hate when guys (or girls, but it always seems like guys) do that and then you are the one that gets busted. ARGGHHHH!! But you handled it well and still rocked - congrats Heidi!! And that video is so funny! :) Happy anniversary!

  10. Congrats on the race. Very cool that you met Chloe... love when bloggers unite!

  11. DAng! did hammer head dude get a penalty too? Seems only fair:( good job, those sprints hurt!

  12. Congrats on the poduim finish.

    I hate people like that on the course, you basically have 2 choices, slow to their pace or run the risk of blowing up because you want to drop them, I hope he at least realized his error

  13. Happy Anniversary and congrats on the 6th overall and 3rd ag.

  14. Ok, I'm totally sitting here laughing my ass off at that xtra normal video Scott made for you. I love it! So sorry you got busted b/c of that silly fool. Don't sweat it! But next time, lay down the law verbally and loud...a little embarassment can do someone like him some good.
    All that aside, great job. Your speed on the bike and run are impressive.

  15. so sorry about the penalty!!!! but so glad you placed!

    Happy belated anniversary!

  16. Hey!
    The first penalty - blah! We have all had one if we have been racing long enough! I remember getting one at Powerman Alabama years and years ago. I have NO idea why! LOL

    Congrats on your 3rd place AG and the pic of you and Chloe is so cute.

    Happy anniversary!

  17. The movie was a classic. You should have remembered his number and then stalked him at other races...