Monday, August 30, 2010

Ironman Training: Lessons Learned

As of this week I am 10/20 weeks into Ironman training. And while I'm only half way there, I've learned a lot over the past 10 weeks. Since time is obviously an issue, I'm going to keep this simple. To all my peeps thinking about doing an Ironman or to those participating in one in the near future, here is the down and dirty:

1. No matter how type A you are, things will go wrong and workouts will be missed.

2. Despite how understanding your significant other may be, they will eventually become annoyed by how much training you are doing. They will like it even more when they get stuck with your share of household chores. (especially the extra laundry from your stinky workout clothes)

4. If they haven't told you before, your friends, family, and other acquaintances will tell you are psycho.

5. Half of your grocery budget will be spent on bars, gels, and recovery drinks.

6. Diaper rash cream and A&D will become your new best friends.

7. If you were paid per hour for training time, you would be rolling in some big dough.

8. Unless you belong to a 24 hour gym, the pool will never be open late or early enough to fit every single scheduled workout.

9. Looking at your bike will make your crotch hurt no matter how rock star your saddle is.

10. Naps during your lunch break will become your 2nd best friend.

11. Off days will be like holidays.

12. Waking up at at 4 am or earlier to squeeze in workouts will become the norm.

13. Kiss your social life good bye for a solid 4 months.

14. If you do choose to be social, you will likely be inebriated off of one glass of wine.

15. Your tan lines will be just plain ugly.

16. While you are in the midst of it, you will swear you never want to sign up for another Ironman again.

Anyway it's 9:30 and it's past my bed time! And I'm so out of it I skipped # 3!

This weekend is IM FL training camp with Chloe from Florida! Scott is headed over to Destin to fly all weekend and therefore I get the opportunity to spend Labor Day beaching it on the governments dime. Yay!

Happy training!!!!!! :)


  1. Great points! I'll keep them in mind if I ever decide to bite the bullet and sign up for an IM!

  2. Wow, you are spot on. I totally agree with each one of them.

  3. Yes - all points are right on. The only friends I have right now are my triathlon friends...because they are the only ones I see. And I kind of like the one glass of wine - makes me a cheap date :) We'll have fun this weekend!

  4. isn't it fun! I have to say that my experience has been the most awesome ever! yeah, I gave some things up, but the trade off has been a year of training that money can't buy! Enjoy it, you could be working all that time instaed! have a great long weekend!

  5. I love the new pic in the banner of your blog! Thanks so much for the points to remember when training! I will have to remember these when I finally sign up for the big one!

    Have a great training weekend! I hope you have a safe and exciting time!

  6. Could you please add to the list that trying to call your other friends doing the Ironman training also will become near impossible and you basically will like never talk!! AAHHH!! I MISS YOU and this list could NOT be more true!! You're doing great H. Keep it up! It will all be worth it!! Call you this weekend for sure!

  7. Regarding the grocery bill - not saying that it is good but - two words - pop tarts. I have not had on since but cheap (generic) and fit in a bike jersey.

  8. I am totally cracking up that you missed #3. That is how I feel my brain is functioning right now!! :) Keep up the great work - halfway there! Enjoy your training weekend!!!

  9. hence...why I will never sign up for an IM;-) and I felt most of these just for training for my HIM!

    but, it gets super messy when BOTH you and your DH are training for an HIM. good times...;) oy

  10. oh my god. you got it down PERFECTLY!!!! the sick part is that you actually will want to do it all again :) I promise :) I laughed my a** off reading this. so freakin true. but now is crunch time and you can do this girl. I can't even tell you how worth it its going to be!

  11. Oh boy now i really want to sign up for an IM :)
    I miss you too ...pout, sob. I can tell you are doing awesome, focused on the race and darn sure you are getting some good weather still to train. Our lakes dropped about 10 degrees in a week. BRR....That whitestuff had better not come for another 2 mos or i am pissed!

  12. that's so awesome you are doing this!!!!