Monday, July 19, 2010

Trail Run, Mud, and TuTu Man

This past weekend Scott and I last minute decided to participate in a local 3 mile race: The Spillway Class Trail Run. While I've been taking my training a little more seriously and cutting back on silly races, this was a hard one to turn down. Features included:


Lots of mud...


and perhaps the best part: a post race shower to clean off :)

I was sold!

I figured I could substitute my tempo run for a 5k... ( Don't tell my coach!)

The race took place in the local Naw-lins swamp lands of course. And while they may call it a race, this my friends is one of those races you can't take too seriously. Having rode nearly 70 miles the day before and barely surviving my 3000 m swim, my legs were in no condition to truly race. Therefore I have no real race report to provide. Instead, I would like to highlight some of the main events. This my friends is what I call a road race!

Drunk med students sipping beer from a pee-bottle

and Tutu man singing some crazy song about a watermelon..... I think my face describes it all ~

New Orleans clearly takes their post race partying very seriously. Probably a little more seriously than the race. I guess this is what happens when you combine alcohol and super skinny endurance athletes.

Think you can hang?

Join me for the Red Dress Run!

Have a great week everyone ~


  1. You certainly do some interesting (fun looking) runs! That watermelon video was funny and a little weird...

  2. I forgot about this race - wish I would have done it!

  3. Oh..New Orleans certainly does do FUN freakin' races!!

    nice...oh, and i won't tell your coach!;-)

  4. Ha ha..that is just awesome and totally fun! :)

  5. Now that's a run to remember! What a bunch of characters too. May need to go back and watch the watermelon man again. Not sure what's going on there.

  6. That race looks awesome!! Glad you guys had fun!

    There are a bunch of crazies from Panama City Beach heading over for the red dress run! Keep you eyes open for some crazy PCB people!

  7. They have some interesting post-race parties there in New Orleans. I think I need to spend more time there!

  8. So fun H! Love it! MISS YOU!

  9. 大肚能容,了卻人間多少事,滿腔歡喜,笑開天下古今愁。..................................................

  10. MAN your races look like way more fun than any races we have here in Maine! Awesome!