Saturday, May 22, 2010

Louisiana State Championship RR

Over the past couple weeks my hubby, Scott, was stuck in a place called Houma, Louisiana. Due to BP's nightmare screw up, he was called to work down there to coordinate air traffic for the president and to fly around Congressman and scientists. After a few days of being lonely and stuck in this crazy city by myself, I decided it was time for a weekend visit. Ironically that same weekend there was a local 5k and some sort of "crawfish festival" thing going on. With Scott working late, I figured why not?

I made the hour trek through the Louisiana swamp lands and did my first local 5k. Three weeks post 70.3 I wanted to see what I could bust out. For a small town, it was a much bigger race than I anticipated. A few minutes before the gun time, the crazy cajun announcer also informed the crowd that this race was the "Louisiana State Championships". Ooops I thought to myself... nice pick Heidi.

The was was quick, painful, and hot as balls. I ran a 20:01 and somehow managed to get 1st overall for the women. I was pleased with my performance, but even more pleased with the after party. I think these folks take the post race party a little more seriously than the race. We're talking endless margaritas, beer, crawfish beignets, jambalaya, rice and beans and that's in addition to the normal post-race-staples. And this was all for FREE!!! I'm so gonna get HUUUGE living here....

I was awarded 2 plaques.... one for the race and one for the state championship... Flex however was not impressed.

But life in New Orleans has been hectic but good... Scott has returned home and I'm finally getting used to my new clinical. In fact, I've almost picked up a full time case load of PT patients. Two years post long distance marriage and grad-school it does feel good to be a family once again : )
I've even worked a lil on my domestic skills.... DON't laugh!!!! Check on the new patio: featuring ferns, flowers, and herbs thanx to Kim. I'm so ready for entertaining and anxiously awaiting more guests! PALEZ come visit :) (when it's not 100 degrees of course)

On the training front things have been steady and un-exciting: 2 swim/2 bike/2 run/2 lifting sessions a week. Part of me still feels lazy when my daily sessions don't go over an hour. On those days I quickly remind myself of the looming 5 plus hour weekend sessions that are on the Ironman training horizon. Fun stuff.

Hope everyone is gearing up for summer and lots of fun races! Yay for race season!


  1. Let me be the first blogger to say Congrats STATE CHAMP. That is so cool.

    I am going to New Orleans for the first time in August for a couple of days. I can't wait for it.

  2. Congrats on your 5k win! That's so awesome!
    Oh, and I like the little hanging plant baskets! :)

  3. Yeah! Congrats state champ!! :) And I'm sure you'll have plenty of visitors in the winter. HAHA!!

  4. Hey, speedy. Congrats!!! Very well done. And I love the colour scheme on that patio - nice work :)

  5. nice job on the 5k! and holy moly with the post party! dang!

    and very sweet to see you and your DH together;-)

  6. Congrats H! So proud of you!! Flex looks so cute with those awards! Glad Scott is back! I MISSS YOU!! Let's talk soon. Pitt is just NOT the same without you! and you grew your herbs!! How COOL is that!!!

  7. Congrats on your State Championship! That picture of Flex next to the awards is adorable.

  8. congrats girl!!! what a welcome to your new home!! you rock! how's the clinical coming along? appreciate the lower volume now so you don't go into the heavier IM volume too burned out or tired, it will be here before you know it!

  9. HAHA, that's funny! Good job on an awesome race, placing, and partying it up!

  10. Sorry little behind on my blog reading! Congrats on the hardware! They definitely take the post-race food extremely serious down here in the south. We did a 5k last weekend in Houston and the food and drinks were unbelievable afterwards!

    Good luck training in the heat. It is going to be this way until probably September. The good news is that when you go to a cooler climate you are a freaking rockstar!

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