Monday, May 03, 2010

Crawfish BUST

This past weekend was supposed to be my second tri for the season. (the Crawfish Man) A few days before the race Scott was informed he was leaving for two weeks because of BP's huge mess and that he would not be able to do the race with me. I was super that bummed he would not be able to do the race with me...but even more bummed I'm stuck in a strange city....starting a new job... and all alone......Bummer-NESS!!!!!
With the depressing news, I was really looking forward to this triathlon to sort of get my mind off things and to have fun. With the weather report looking pretty ominous Sunday, my hope dwindled. On race morning, the weather seemed to be holding off with just a slight drizzle. Yes yes I thought to myself!!!!
I won't bore you with a race report because there isn't much to worth reporting. The swim went on without a hitch... I knew I was close to the front-probably top 5. I even drafted a little for the first time! I knew I was going to make up time on the bike. And I was right...I passed at least 3 other women. That was until....

the rain came.....
the thunder came...
the lightening struck...
and the monsoon started....

I started getting suspicious at the turn around when I knew there were way more people behind me than I saw on the bike. About 400m from the finish line they were stopping people on the bike :( I instantly realized it was over... 60 bux down the drain and over an hour drive.... Blah!!!!

I tried to get pictures of the monsoon but my bag was nearly washed out of transition. Luckily my camera is waterproof! Sorry to be a downer ya'll but rough weekend for me. I'm not gona fake the funk-

BUT on a more positive note!!!!!

~ the pink hotness got a facelift over the weekend with new tape on the handlebars and new pink wire covers.....

~And this weekend I made some new pilot-wife friends! I spent my Friday evening drinking wine and becoming an artist with my girls!!! There's a place in the uptown area of New Orleans called Corks n Canvas where basically you drink wine and paint.... Below is my first official piece of art:

Anyway hope everyone is having a great week :) Sorry for sharing my bummer-ness!


  1. Great painting...what a shame of weather racing...

    Cheers from Hong Kong!

    "XTB" Xavi.

  2. dude did I miss something? Graduated started a new job? Or is this internship?

  3. I like the painting. Really cool. Shame about the race. Sounds like a normal race day here in the UK.

  4. Smile! like any pain, it is temporary! Hubby will be back shortly and all will be perfect again! Hope the new home is comfy and the new job is everything you expected!! Cheers!

  5. bummer about the race. you are allowed to throw a pity party. i give you full permission. ep. when having such a great day!

    the pink hotness looks....well, hot!

    and corks and canvas - what a concept! they need to franchise in virginia. i would be all over that.

  6. Sorry to hear about your race! I am sure the next one will be much better!

  7. That just sucks, in bad conditions and looked like a poduim finish for you. No refunds or deferred fee to next race? That seems a little unfair

    I been eyeing planet x for a couple months now, how do you like yours? I wish there was a place I can go test ride one.

  8. Wow - super impressed with your art work! If I had to paint something...well, let's just say it wouldn't look nearly as nice!! :)

    Anyway, huge bummer about the race and Scott having to leave as soon as you got there!! Hope this week goes fast and you guys can be together again soon!

  9. I'm sorry about your race, that sucks that it was canceled. But, it sounds like it was for the best! I don't think anyone wants to get struck by lightening!!

    Hooray for meeting new people! That wine and paint place sounds like so much fun. And, your painting is great!

    Oh, and your bike is awesome! I love the pink additions to it! :)

  10. Your bike looks fabulous! Is this the crashed one from NO 70.3? It looks good if it is, Sorry about that race, Isnt it a bummer when the weather is nice all week then is torrentially horrendous on the weekends?? No Fair!

  11. Dude! I am not looking forward to racing you went I move down to Baton Rouge this summer...of course I will be so slow you won't even know I'm there!

    Sorry the race got washed out but glad the rest of your weekend went better!

  12. i wanna drink wine and paint! ;-)

    but sorry about the race. next one right?

  13. So sorry you didn't get to finish your tri!! On another note, I got your card and it was so sweet and I loved it!! You are an amazing friend too and I have to CALL you because reading your blog just isn't cutting it!

    Missing you H! Hope all is well in your NOLA life!