Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Letter "T"

I'm sick of the same-boring titles so here goes for the letter "T"

Thanksgiving break was awesome! Scott came to visit me in the burgh. Our time was spent spinning, working out, eating, movies, making fun of family, hot-tubbing, shopping and drinking lots of yummy wine and cider.

Turkey Trot-Scott and I did a Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving as it's become a tradition for us. Neither one of us took it too seriously although it was a good 5k training run. I was pleasantly surprised with my 20:04. Although I won my age group, we skipped the awards ceremony. Let's see..... medal? turkey? pumpkin pie? wine? Screw the medal! Priorities people!

Twilight-Yes I am a huge dork and conned my sister into watching New Moon with me. I've read the books and must say the movie was more than a little disappointing. Maybe Eclipse will be better?

Training-Tomorrow begins day 1 of my 70.3 training plan for New Orleans. In preparation, I took today off. Go figure..... it was warm, sunny and soooooo would have been the perfect bike day. Days like this just DON'T happen in November in Pennsylvania. Oh well! Tomorrow I have a 3500 m swim and a 40 min bike. (on the trainer of course) Here we go!!!

Three-weeks to go until the end of my semester! Yay! Bring on the torturous of papers, presentations, finals, and and comprehensive practicals. Boo!

Anyway hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and mini-break!


  1. Glad you had such a great break!! And best of luck with the start of your training tomorrow. Here we goooooo!!! :)

  2. Woohoo! I start my training on Tuesday. Technically I start tomorrow, but Monday is a rest day. So all I have to do is stop eating junk food!

  3. Pumpkin pie and wine is the priority. Glad to hear that you're still in check;)

  4. Yay for starting 2010 trainging!! Good luck! We start our training today as well.
    And I have a really good friend who is doing NOLA 70.3 too! He is a pro, his name is Phillipe Kozub, I should introduce you, he's a great guy and I don't doubt he'll come in top 5 if not win it!

  5. Oh - that's GREAT that you and Scott got to spend Thanksgiving together- great!! AND HOORAY for training :) Super!!!!