Saturday, September 12, 2009

weiner weekend

(not that kind...)

I'm dog sitting all weekend at my parents house. I get to hang out with my two favorite mini wienies: flex and chewy. Luckily, their favorite activity just happens to be napping! Can't complain about that! I call it a wiener-sandwich. Yes -I know I'm probably a little to obsessed. But they make me happy~
Besides watching the wieners, this is a training and homework weekend for me. Yesterday was a running hill work-out and today was a brick (1.5 hr ride plus 20 min run). My legs were not too happy with me this morning after my hill repeats last night. The weather wasn't so great either starting out with colder temps and a misty-rain. Yuck! But I was excited though to bust out my new arm warmers... I'm not sure why but hey I guess we have to look at the small things right?

This afternoon I'm getting "my hair did". With fall approaching I think I'm going to go dark and get rid of blondey. I know in another couple weeks with my tan quickly fading, I'm going to look pasty-white and washed out. I get bored quickly anyway. Hopefuly it turns out ok!

Good luck everyone who is racing this weekend at the Ikea Half and the Nation's Tri! Go get em!

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