Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hospital Life

Tomorrow begins my least favorite clinical rotation for physical therapy school: acute care in a hospital. Yuck! I've been dreading this day for a long time. I would trade back-cracking any day over dealing with tubes and lines and who knows...maybe even diarrhea :( Or even worse: MRSA, TB, hepatitis! The list goes on and on....

But here I go neglecting my blog once again since school has started! Anyway I thought I would do a quick recap of my Labor day training~

Friday-1 hour run at Schenley Park with lots of hills
Saturday-2:20 bike, 20 min run with my buddy Kim and new friend Jocelyn Smith at North Park (time flies by when you train with friends!!!!)
Sunday-2500 m swim/tempo run
Monday-lifting/2200m swim with 400m repeats
Tuesday-off day=NAP!

My next race is around the corner on Sept 19th. I signed up for the "crooked creek" triathlon. This will be my first Olympic on the books for 09 since my fractures :)

(as long as i don't catch an infectious disease in the hospital that is! )


  1. You wanna know what my mentor told me when I began my acute rotation? (we are both outpatient ortho manual therapy guys) DONT WEAR ANY OTHER SHOES OTHER THAN BROWN.....CODE BROWN!

    You have this rotation to appreciate outpatient...lol GOOD LUCK!

  2. Ugh. Have fun! I heard all kinds of crazy stories from my friends who majored in nursing once they hit their clinical rotations!!

    Congrats on the great training!! Sounds like you are feeling good and tearing it up! I'm thinking about the Santa Rosa Tri next month over in P-cola. did you ever do that one?

  3. hahahh Code brown.... you made my morning ron!

  4. Holy crap, literally, holy crap!;) Yeah, the smells are what would get to me the most, I think. Blech. Put scented lotion right under your nostrils, I hear that helps.

  5. When i was in school ( wel not THAT long ago, but 1997-2000) we didnt have all those letters and diseases, or so we didnt know about them! I didnt like Acute care either, I was always pissing off the nurses and making alarms go off doing ROM etc..Ooops.

    Good luck with the hair. post a pic! I have always been blonde and my hair lady said we could Lowlight but i am too scared!