Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mission Accomplished

We made it at last! Finally the weather cooperated long enough for us to get our Pensacola Beach ride in. This was our second try and we couldn't have asked for a better day. It was a cloudy start with cooler, comfortable temperatures (for Florida that is).

It wasn't all smooth sailing as we had to fix a flat on my bike along the way. Admittedly, this was the first time I even came close to fixing my own flat (although Scott still helped make it more of a speedy of a process). While fixing a flat is never too much fun, it definitely boosted my confidence level to get some more practice! The ride was fun as we maintained a pretty mellow pace throughout and even got to visit the beach!

Afterwards we hit up my favorite: Tropical Smoothie and spent the afternoon crashing on the beach.
And can't forget the after party.... last night we decided we were going to do what's called the Pensacola Trifecta. The Trifecta entails visiting three different restaurants/bars and drinking three different "jungle juice" concoctions if you know what I mean. Upon completion of the beverage, you get to keep the mason jar that it came in. Sounds pretty lame but we run out of things to do pretty quick in Pensacola and have to get creative! Since I'm the the girl who gets buzzed off half of a beer, I definitely recruited some help along the way....

(The iedi's)
(My old track/hurdling buddy Keidi, me and Scott)
( you can tell this was the last mason jar)


  1. Glad you got your ride in :) Looks like the after ride was fun as well :)

  2. LOL! So glad you got your ride in..the pictures are great. You look like you are having lots of fun and enjoying training and life! Man I need three weeks off to train!!! That fish was thirsty..good thing you hooked him up! Miss you!! Come back!!!

  3. WE are over run with cucumbers up here in the north, may i borrow those mason jars for our pickle project?
    Glad you are out enjoyin' the sun and that ocean pic looks divine!

  4. too fun! I love the pics. glad the weather finally cooperated for you!