Tuesday, August 04, 2009

i love New York!

Here I go again getting way behind on the blog! I do love my blog. I swear! It's just when it comes down to training, sleeping, and eating....they come first! And can't forget the whole working thing... Sometimes that gets in the way as well.

But the true reason I'm behind, is because I've been away for the past three days in lovely NYC. We had a family reunion to go to in Long Island. Going into it, I was not expecting it to be that much fun. I figured there would be drama and fighting as there usually is. What else is to be expected ? But surprisingly I had a BLAST! The weekend was jam-packed with so many fun things to do minus most of the drama.

Friday, I drove up with my aunt and cousin from Pittsburgh and met everyone else that same afternoon in Times Square. We some how actually drove into the city and found our long lost relatives, most of which I never knew I had....(long lost cuz, me, and my sis Angela)
Day 1
We spent the day touring times square, the Empire State Building, Chinatown, Little Italy, hustling for purses, and shoe shopping in Soho. Long day but a super fun one. The weather defiintely didn't cooperate too well but we made the most of it. Here my sister and I look like drowned rats!
Day 2 way spent crashing the family reunion. Definitely best one I've ever been to! I think the pictures help explain it better than I can....But some of the festivities included: beachin it in Long, Island, several pina coladas, a mojito or two, catching up with the family, meeting family I never knew I had, maybe a few shots, making fun of old people as well as Long Island boys (check out the video for the explanation), and can't forget my sweet horshoe crab catch! hahahhaha...Scary to think what's really in the water! (this one was after the shots)

Day 3
Sunday, our final day, was a boat cruise around the city. We got up and close with the statue of liberty. I was super stoked about seeing the lady as that is the one thing I've never seen in NYC. It rained again but held off long enough to get some sweet pics!
Now I'm back in the burgh finishing up my last week of clinical. YAY! After this week I'm doing my first tri sunday and then heading to Pensacola, FL for a whole 3 weeks. It's going to be a dream spending that long with my husband! (we are still temporarily separated as I finish my DPT and he finishes helo-training). While he's flying, I will have nothing better to do besides beaching it and running, biking, and swimming! Can't ask for much more than that!

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