Sunday, July 26, 2009


Although I've been granted to the freedom again to run, I've been hesitant to sign up for any races. (Especially given the fact that my last x-rays were still only 2 weeks ago)....When I do come back, I want to do well. Who wouldn't?

BUT I think I let my impatience get the best of me because I've officially signed up for my first tri august 9th. I've have been patient 5 months, isn't that long enough? I was waiting to get one of my spinning classes covered and when I did, I knew it was a sign giving me the go ahead.

Here I come Baierl Triathlon! It's actually quite perfect: It is a sprint distance tri with: a 700m pool swim, 13 mile bike, and 5k trail run. I'm loving the trail run :) The impact on the run is still my biggest concern for my pieced together pelvis.

Super Stoked! I actually screamed when I hit the "submit button" on the online registration. Although I'm not in the best of shape yet, I'm going in with the attitude that I'm doing it to have a good time regardless of how well I do. Isn't that what racing is supposed to be about anyway?
That attitude might change on race day but I will keep telling myself that for now.

But yes it is official: heidi is back to racing :)


  1. Heidi, this is fantastic news! My little sister was in a near-death car accident a few years ago (also with a broken pelvis) and everything else smashed and she was told she would never walk... she did a marathon with me 2 years ago on her anniversary! I cried, not sure if you read that post of mine, but it looked like angels holding her up while she was running, it made me cry big time.... anyways, I have an idea of what you are feeling, I watched her struggle the way you probably are mentally and physically and emotionally. I wish I could watch you race, i would love to be there cheering for you, Im sure you will have angels holding you up too!

    My heart and prayers go out to you, you can totally do it! All the best! Please let me know if you need anything from this end! Happy to help!!


  2. Whiiipppeeee!! So excited for you! You made me laugh about the ride and I promise it would not have been a beating. I was stoked to get to ride with you but we will do it another time, I promise!!! This race is going to be so fun for you and what a comeback day! I'll try to be there if there is any way possible! Have a great week my friend and way to step up to the plate! You're not going to regret it!

  3. Good news! I love reading PT dork tangents, BRING. IT:) ha we dorks think alike.